I've seen you cry, day after day.
Pairing: Brian and whoever you want.
Summary: You’re not ready to say good-bye to him. Not yet. Not ever.

Brian scares you.

He scares you in the worst possible ways. Ways that makes you wake up in the middle of a night in a sweat, a silent scream being pressed against your pillows.

He scares you to your very being and core.

Brian’s really isn’t a scary person, really, in fact, most people would say Biran’s far from scary, just the opposite. In your opinion, it’s the mixture of green eyes and coy smiles that make him look harmless, but digressing, Brian still scares you. It’s not his simple being that scares you; it’s the way Brian is, the way he’s made up. It’s his actions and words and gestures that scare you.

Sure, on the outside, he looks like some pretty lady boy who likes to flirt and bat his eyes at every walking, living being, but in reality, on the inside, beyond all the glitter and glam, Brian Molko’s as messed up as the next person is.

You’ve seen the real Brian, the Brian away from the press and new and the flash of cameras. You’ve seen him when he’s locked himself in his room, crying and mumbling to you from the other side of the door saying that he can’t stand it anymore and that he wants the world to just stop spinning around that pretty head of his. You’ve seen him angry and bitter at the world, screaming and throwing things, eyes flashing so bright it almost burns you.

You’ve seen the real Brian when he’s clinging to you like you’re his only lifeline in the world. You’ll sit there and stroke his back, tangle your fingers against that soft hair, inhaling the scent of cigarette smoke and alcohol and perfume and makeup, the scent that makes up Brian. You’ll sit there for hours and hours on end because Brian doesn’t let go, because he’s afraid to.

It might not seem intimidating, but to you, there’s nothing scarier then seeing Brian like that, looking hopeless and scared and tired. Because you know Brian and that means that he couldn’t care less what happened to him.

That’s why you always make sure you keep count of how many drinks he’s had and how many times he’s popping some aspirin down his throat because of migraines and headaches. That’s why you always wake up in the middle of the night to make sure Brian’s still sleeping next to you, breathing and calm. You remember waking up once to find his side of the bed empty and that’s when you found him on the bathroom floor, half passed out against the toilet, a bottle of god knows what half empty and scattered against the tiled floor. You vaguely remember screaming (or maybe you just stayed silent, your memory is slightly blurred) but you also remember waking Brian up and making sure he threw up everything in his stomach, even as he was crying and whimpering.

What’s worse is that it certainly wasn’t a first and it wasn’t going to be a last. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve had to make Brian throw up whatever he’s taken and how many times you’ve had to stop him from drinking too much.

You stopped asking why he does it to himself because you know you’re not going to get a straight answer, because all Brian is going to do is blink those eyes at you and pretend he doesn’t know what you’re saying, because, damnit, Brian didn’t get a degree in acting because he had no talent. So now, you just accept it for whatever reason and just sit there and feel scared and helpless when it comes to knowing what Brian’s going to do next.

Brian scares you, because he’s unpredictable. He could be loving and soft and warm against you one moment, then confused and scared and crying into your neck the next. He’ll turn himself upside down and inside out just because he can. Brian scares you, because on the inside, he’s hell bent on destroying himself and you know that one of these days, he’s going to find out a way to do that.

You can try all you want, make him purge himself clean all you want, but he’s still going to try and it hurts you to think that you’re not enough for him, that whatever amount of love you give him can’t fix that hurt inside of him. You want to be his band-aid, you want to be the one that he can depend on, but you know that it’s never going to be true.

So for now, you just sit there and let him cling to you, inhaling, memorizing that scent of his (cigarettes, alcohol, perfume, make up) dreading that one day when you can’t wake up Brian anymore and you’ll be left alone with nothing but that memory of his scent and his soft warm body pressed against yours.

You’re waiting, counting, dreading for that day.

And when you think about it, all you do is hug Brian close to you and press kisses against his skin and whisper that you love him and wish, wish from the bottom of your heart that he listens to you, because…because…


You love Brian so much

One more day

Just one more day

That’s all you ask for…one more night with Brian.

Because…ohjesuschrist, you can feel your eyes burning already you’re not ready to say good-bye to him.

Not yet.

Not ever.

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Every Sky Is Blue - Day One
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Pairing: Molsdal
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

“Hey love… you sound a bit sleepy, did I wake you up?”
“Hm? I was just watching some crap on TV, I must have dozed off. What do you want?”
“What? I can’t even call you without a reason?”
“Haha ok ok… well, I was thinking-”
“No shit??”
“Bri…” Stefan warned jokingly.
“Hehe sorry hun, go on.”
“Thanks. So, since we’re on a break for a few weeks, and that Steve buggered off to Manchester to see Emily, I thought you and I could take a little holiday, away from London, away from the grey clouds and go somewhere where we can actually see the sun and the stars… What do you think?” Stefan finished with an obvious smile in his voice.
“Ooooooooohh!!!” Brian squealed, nearly dropping the phone as he clapped his hands in excitement. “Where are we going Steffie??”
Stefan laughed. “It’s a surprise.”
“Oh but Steeef…” Brian whined. “Tell meeee!!”
“No, just be ready tomorrow morning at 9, I’ll pick you up to the airport.”
“Airport? Steffie, you have to tell me where we’re going!!!” Brian exclaimed.
“I won’t tell anything more, now stop whining and start packing.”
“How am I supposed to pack when I have no idea where we’re going?” Brian pouted, even though Stefan couldn’t see him.
But Stefan could just picture the look on his lover’s face. “I’m sure you’ll do fine, love. Now go pack and get some sleep. Ok?”
“Ok… Stef?”
“Tell me please?” Brian asked in the sweetest tone.
Stefan just laughed. “Goodnight sweets.” And he hung up.

Brian mumbled at the phone in his hand and put it back down. He took a deep breath and grinned, feeling very excited by this little holidays.
“I wonder where Stef is taking me…” he told himself on his way to his room. He stopped to get his suitcase from the corridor’s cupboard and carried it to his bedroom, dropping it on the bed. He stood in front of his open wardrobe, hands on his hips.
Five minutes later, he hadn’t moved an inch.
Ten minutes later he let out a deep annoyed sigh.
“How the hell am I supposed to make my suitcase if I don’t even know where we’re going? What am I supposed to pack? Swimsuits, sandals and sun-tan or trousers, coat and scarf?”
He stepped back and flopped on his bed next to the still empty suitcase. He lied back down on the soft mattress and stared at the ceiling.
Then it hit him. He sat up abruptly, slapping his head. Stefan and he had a conversation about Spain last week, about how nice it is at this time of year, and how great it was last time they’ve been there to play a gig. Brian had told Stefan he’d love to go there one day for something else than a gig. That was it!! Stef was taking him to Spain!! Mmmm bright sun, white sand warm under your feet, half-naked hot boys and girls everywhere.
Brian grinned and got up, making his way back to the wardrobe and started taking out his best summer clothes, tight girly tops, ¾ long trousers, swimsuits and other light clothes, not bothering with anything warm but one or two jeans and a few long-sleeved t-shirts in case they’d go out at night. He found his sandals and put them in the suitcase too.
He looked at it, hands on his hips, unconsciously adopting the same position as before. He then went to the bathroom and gathered make-up, hairbrush, and other products he’ll need, making sure not to forget the sun-tan.
He closed the suitcase and moved it to the floor with a contented sigh. Exhausted by all this, he stripped and crawled in bed, snuggling under the covers. He let his mind wander to the days to come. He pictured himself on a deserted beach with Stefan, snuggling together while watching the sunset, warm evening air blowing softly around them. He smiled and snuggled further under the duvet, quickly falling asleep. 






Every Sky Is Blue - Day Two

Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

Stefan let himself inside Brian’s apartment after knocking a few times in vain. It was deadly quiet and Stefan sighed as he reached Brian’s bedroom. His lover was still in bed, fast asleep, hugging his pillow, a smile on his face. Stefan walked closer to the bed and looked at Brian’s small form and peaceful face. He smiled softly to himself. He was beautiful. He was his.
Brian stirred in his sleep, bringing Stefan back to earth. He looked at his watch, they didn’t have much time to waste before they had to be at the airport so he looked around him and spotted Brian’s blue faded jeans. He grabbed them and threw them at Brian’s face.
“Mmgrhhmmmb…” Brian groaned, his hand groping around to find what had disturbed his sleep. He took hold of the jeans, raising them above him and looking at them astoundingly. “What the fuck??” Then his eyes moved around the room and landed on a grinning Stefan. “Oh…hi.” He mumbled before turning on his side and resuming falling asleep.
Stefan sighed and moved to the end of the bed. He leaned down and grabbed the covers, pulling them off.
“Steeeeeeeef,” Brian whined, curling in a ball to try and keep warm.
“Brian, do you remember what you’re supposed to do today?” Stefan asked, amused.
“Tell you to fuck off and let me sleep,” came the mumbled reply.
“Yes, that, and then?”
Then? What the hell is he on about, Brian’s asleep brain wondered.
“Uhm…oh!!!” he exclaimed, sitting up and grinning at Stefan. He crawled on his knees to where Stefan was standing and wrapped his arms around the tall man’s neck. “Then I have to kiss you good morning.” He smiled innocently and turned his words into action.
Stefan answered the kiss but as Brian tried to turn it into a full make out session, he shoved him back down on the bed.
“Brian, get ready, now, we have a plane to take,” and he walked away to make some coffee.

“Hey you.” Brian wrapped his arms around Stefan’s waist, pressing his body against his lover’s back and kissing his neck.
Stefan turned around in Brian’s arms and kissed the cute little nose tilted up towards him before handing him a cup of coffee.
“Is your suitcase ready?” Stefan asked.
Brian swallowed quickly, wincing as the hot liquid burnt his mouth and nodded. “Yep, all done.”
“Good good, let’s go then or we’ll be late and they won’t let us in on the plane.”
They gathered their belongings, suitcases and other stuff and made their way downstairs and into the street, waving to a taxi.
“Stef?” Brian asked as the taxi driver put their luggage in the boot. “Tell me where we hmmphhmm!” Stefan cut him off with a kiss before forcing him into the taxi.

When they finally arrived at the airport, they were glad to see they still had a little of time before boarding. They went to the check-in desk, where Stefan took care of everything, not letting Brian near the tickets. That made Brian giggle inwardly. Stefan didn’t know he had guessed the destination of the flight, and he wasn’t going to tell him since it seemed to be a surprise. Instead, he faked to be interested in the structure of the airport, looking all around him, making things easier for Stefan.
After their suitcases had been taken care of, they went through the metal detector. And of course, as Stefan went through it, it bipped. Brian giggled as Stefan sighed and tried to explain it was only his belt.
“Please raise your arms sir,” the police officer said in a tone that indicated nothing could shock him.
“Hey! He’s mine!!” Brian exclaimed as the officer started to move his hands along Stefan’s body, who didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to him. Brian crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.
When it was finally agreed it was nothing else than Stefan’s belt, Brian dragged the tall man to the duty free area and headed straight towards the fags and the booze. He grabbed bottles of vodka, whiskey, wine and cartons of fags, all that in less than 30 seconds. Stefan had to run after him as he walked to the till.
“Brian, stop!” Stefan exclaimed as he grabbed Brian’s shoulder, causing the small man to turn around and look up at him with big surprised eyes. “You can’t buy all this.”
Brian raised an eyebrow. “Why not?”
“‘Cause…” Stefan hesitated.
“You can’t take that with you where we’re going.” Stefan simply said, taking the bottles from Brian, leaving only the fags.
Brian tried to get his booze back but Stefan put the bottles back on their shelves, silencing a fuming Brian with a simple glare.

By the time they got into the plane, Brian was still dead silent, making sure he won’t talk or look at Stefan, who, let’s be honest, didn’t give a fuck and found it all very amusing. He had let Brian buy his fags and he was now wondering how long it would take the stewardess to come and tell Brian he couldn’t smoke in a plane.
Just as the thought crossed his mind, a young woman in a blue suit stopped next to them.
“Excuse me sir, you can’t smoke on the plane,” she said in a nice tone, gesturing to the forbidding sign.
Brian groaned and handed his fag to the stewardess as the plane started to move.
“We are going to take off, please fasten your seatbelts,” came a voice in the speakers.
“Aww please Brian, stop pouting,” Stefan had had enough. “We’re going on holidays, we’re supposed to have fun…”
“Yes, exactly Stef!! Fun!! And it’s not my fault if it’s not going the way you want! First you won’t tell me where we’re going, and now you say I can’t bring booze!!!”
“Hello, here’s the commander of the plane,…” a man’s voice started.
“We’re going on holidays, not visiting your parents!! Really, I-” Brian snapped, shaking his head, seeming utterly pissed off.
“… the weather is fine, we shouldn’t encounter any trouble and we should arrive in Stockholm in about 3 hours. Have a nice flight.” The voice continued along with Brian’s ranting, causing him to freeze.
“Oh my god, we ARE gonna meet your parents!!!!” Brian exclaimed a little too loudly.
Stefan blushed and started to laugh at Brian’s freaked out expression.
“Stop laughing!! This is not funny!!!” Brian’s voice was starting to shake and he sank back into his seat, turning quiet, a worried expression on his face.
Stefan stopped laughing and leaned closer to his shocked lover.
“Hey, Bri, it’s gonna be ok…” he lay a hand on Brian’s shoulder and realised he was shaking. “Bri, what’s wrong??”
“Stef… are we really gonna meet your parents?” he asked in a small voice, his eyes not leaving the back of the seat in front of him.
“Well, yes.”
“Why?” Stefan frowned, now that was something he hadn’t expected. “Well, because we’ve been together for quite a while now, and my family is very important to me, I want them to meet the man I love.”
Brian slowly turned to look at him, a small smile forming on his lips. Though the smile was soon replaced by an anxious grimace.
“Fuck, I’m scared… What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m stupid or that I’m not good enough for you? What if they tell you you deserve better than me? What if-”
“Bri…Bri! Shush, they’ll love you.” Stefan smiled.
Brian looked at him with big scared eyes, almost like a child’s. “How do you know…?”
“I just know. There’s no reason for them not to love you.”
“But what if they don’t, just try and imagine that. What… what will happen?” he asked hesitantly, his voice shaking slightly.
So that was what he was afraid of? That Stefan might leave him if his family didn’t approve?
“It won’t change anything sweetheart, I love you, nothing will change that.” Stefan reassured him, moving closer and wrapping his arms around Brian’s shoulders.
Brian fell against Stefan’s chest, hugging him back. “I love you too Stef,” he whispered.
They stayed like that until the plane started speeding up suddenly and Brian jumped, gripping the armrests each side of him, his body tense, his jaw clenched tightly and his face deadly white.
Stefan touched his thigh in the hope of making him relax but instead he jumped once more.
“Fuck I need a drink Stef I need a drink get me a drink shit you should have let me buy that booze Stef I’m scared I’m gonna die bugger fuck shit I need a fucking drink!!!” he blurted out through clenched teeth, his body or face not moving an inch.
In another situation, Stefan would have laughed his arse off, but he knew Brian was serious about his fear of flying, so he pushed the button to call a stewardess and after a few minutes, the same woman as before appeared by their side.
“How can I help you?” she asked, glancing oddly at Brian.
“Could you get him a Bloody Mary, please?” Stefan asked back.
“Neat neat!” Brian squealed, tightening his grip on the poor armrests.
The stewardess nodded and came back a minute later with Brian’s vodka and handed it to Stefan who passed it to Brian who drank it in one go.

“Fuck, Bri…” Stefan gasped as the small man almost fell to the floor, Stefan catching him just in time. Brian only giggled insanely and clang onto Stefan’s arm to steady himself.
He had so many vodkas in the plane that now they had landed he could barely stand up without Stefan supporting him. Not an easy task when you have two suitcases to carry.
Brian shrieked loudly in excitement as he spotted a pizza stall in one corner of the arrival area of the airport and pointed at it.
“Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” he exclaimed and started singing. “Pizza, pizza, hoooooooooooo pizzaaaa!!! Lalalalalalalalalalala…” he broke down in a fit of giggles.
“Brian, please, shut up, you’re making a fool of yourself.” Stefan sighed, looking around himself to try and find any familiar faces.
“No one tells me to shut up,” Brian stated, and started his little song again.
It had been like that for the last hour of the flight, and Stefan’s nerves were frayed. He closed his eyes for a second, taking a deep breath, letting the oxygen cool him down. It didn’t work as well as he had expected and his head was about to explode as Brian started on the same words for the umpteenth time.
“Brian shut up or I swear I won’t ever fuck you again!!!” Stefan exclaimed and froze as he heard someone clearing his throat behind him.
As in slow motion, Stefan slowly turned around to come face to face with his brother who was grinning, obviously amused by the scene he had just witnessed. He blushed and felt Brian’s grip tighten on his arm.
“Hey Nic,” Stefan laughed and they hugged, “it’s so good to see you.” He turned to Brian who was now very quiet, his cheeks red and looking shy, half hiding behind Stefan’s shoulder. “Bri, this is my big bro, Niclas. Nic, this is my very drunk boyfriend, Brian. He’s scared of flying.” He grinned at Nic who grinned back.
“Nice to meet you Brian,” he smiled and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder. But Brian, being intoxicated as he was, and trying to stand up on his own, lost his balance and fell right on his arse. Stefan and Nic laughed at the puzzled expression on his face, as if he hadn’t seen it coming.
Brian pouted up at Stefan whose face grew softer. “Aww, come here.” He leaned down and pulled Brian up, wrapping one small arm around his shoulder and his own arm around the small waist. Brian pressed against him, leaning his head on Stefan’s shoulder. Brian was such a cute drunk when he kept quiet.
“I’ll take the suitcases,” Nic winked and together, they made their way to his car.

“Do you think we should stop and get him some coffee before we get home?” Nic nodded at Brian’s sleeping form on the back seat.
“Naah, I think a bit of sleep and the nervousness will be enough to sober him up enough.” Stefan replied, a soft smile on his lips as he looked at Brian in the mirror of the car.
They were driving through woods, passing some lakes on the way to the small village where Stefan was born.
“Good good, ‘cause everybody will be there tonight,” Nic continued.
“Everybody? Who’s everybody?” Stefan tore his gaze from Brian’s beautiful face to the cheerful one of his brother. “Mum, Dad, Elin and the children…”
“Yeah, and Mum even invited Nicole and Blaine.” Nic grinned.
“You’re kidding me?? Nicole and Blaine will be there too??” Stefan exclaimed, not quite believing that his cousins had accepted to come.
“Yeah, they’re both on holidays, so Mum thought it would be great for you to be able to see them, it’s been so long…”
Stefan just smiled, thinking of his childhood days when Nic, Nicole, Blaine and himself were playing in the woods.
“That’s a good idea,” Stefan eventually said, the thought of being back home making him happy.
They made the rest of the way to the house in silence, Brian snoring softly, Nic whistling quietly to himself and Stefan staring out the window to familiar and missed landscapes.

As they neared the house, Stefan turned around and reached for Brian’s shoulder, gently shaking it. Brian moaned in protest and blinked a few times before opening his eyes, sitting up.
“We’re there?” he asked in a sleepy voice.
“Yes,” Stefan smiled softly. “How do you feel?”
“Like I had too much to drink,” Brian laughed. “But I’ll be ok, my head is spinning a little bit less already.” He smiled back at Stefan.
“Here we are!” Nic exclaimed as they turned into an alley leading to a large white house circled by a big garden and tall trees.
As the car stopped, the door of the house opened, and two children came running to them, followed by a young woman with dark brown hair.
“Uncle Stef!!!!!!” the boy exclaimed.
Stefan and Nic got out of the car and the children jumped in Stefan’s arms who was kneeling on the ground, hugging them tight. The woman walked to Nic, kissing him on the lips and then waited for Stefan to get up before hugging him as well.
Stefan turned to introduced Brian to them, but he was still in the car. Stefan opened the door and bent down, looking at Brian.
“You’re gonna come out?” he asked, amused.
“No.” was Brian’s answer.
Stefan smiled, he looked nervous as hell, his face white as a ghost and his shaking hands clutching his knees.
“Brian, sweety, you’re gonna be just fine. Listen, I’m not leaving your side, ok? Now come on, there are people out there who are dying to meet you at long last.”
Brian nodded, and Stefan helped him out of the car.
“Bri, this is Elin, Nic’s wife, and this is Evan,” Stefan pointed at the 3 years old boy, and then at the 2 years old girl holding his hand, “and this is his little sister Livi.”
Brian smiled weakly at Elin and the kids who were eying him as if he was some kind of creature from another world. Elin seemed to be a sweet and nice woman, it showed in the way she smiled at Brian.
“Your parents are waiting behind the house, they’re preparing the barbecue.” Elin told Stefan. “You should have seen your mum today, she was running around the house making sure everything was perfect for her son’s visit.”
Stefan laughed, he could picture it perfectly. He took hold of Brian’s still shaking hand, squeezing it reassuringly as they started walking towards the back of the house, Nic staying back to get the suitcases from the boot and into the house.
In spite of his nervousness, Brian couldn’t help but gasp and stare in amazement at the view behind the house. A few meters away was a small lake circled by woods. A small boat was tied to a wooden jetty. The sun reflecting in the water was making it look like melted gold.
He was pulled out of his reverie as a woman came running to them. Stefan’s mother he assumed.
“Oh my… Stefan!!” She hugged her son tightly and when she pulled back, Brian could see tears in her eyes. She kissed her son’s cheeks, a huge smile plastered on her face and then turned to Brian.
“You must be Brian,” she moved to him and pulled him into a big hug as well. She took his face in her hands, looking at his quite astounded face. “Stefan talks so much about you, I’m so happy he finally decided to take you here with him.” Then, winking, she added “You were right Stefan, he’s beautiful,” causing both men to blush deeply.
By the time she was finished, a man had joined them.
“Dad!” Stefan smiled and hugged the grey-haired man who then turned to Brian as well. No hug this time though. Instead he took Brian’s hand, shaking it for quite a while, smiling broadly before wrapping his second hand around Brian’s, both hands shaking Brian’s a bit more.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, welcome in the family,” he said happily and let go as Stefan turned to a very surprised Brian and both his parents walked away, leaving them alone.
“Wow… I wasn’t expecting that…” Brian gave a little laugh in disbelief.
“What?” Stefan frowned.
“Such a… warm welcome, you know, I thought, well, since I’m a guy and all…” he trailed off, blushing and biting his lip.
Stefan smiled and wrapped his arms around Brian’s back, pulling him close. He tilted his perfect chin to meet his eyes.
“I told you not to worry, they love you already.” Stefan leaned down and pressed his lips to Brian’s. He felt the small man tense, as if he was uncomfortable with being kissed in front of family, but he eventually relaxed and answered the kiss, his arms moving around Stefan’s neck.
The tall man broke the kiss as he felt someone tugging at his jeans. He looked down to see Evan looking up at him with big blue eyes, curly blonde hair falling in front of them. He said something Brian didn’t understand for the simple reason it was in Swedish and then trotted away to join his parents.
Brian looked up at Stefan interrogatively.
“Dinner’s ready.” Stefan smiled and, hand in hand, they made their way to the table.

“Didn’t you say Nicole and Blaine would be there?” Stefan directed his question at Nic.
“Oh, they had to stay in Stockholm one more day, they’ll be here tomorrow,” his mother replied, leaving Nic mouth open, ready to answer.
They all sat down and Elin and her mother in law brought the food. Brian’s eyes opened wide as he realised just how much there was to eat. They had made grill fish, beef, pork, chicken, sausages, vegetable kebabs. There were all kinds of salad as well, tomato, beans, potato, cabbage, lettuce and many more. Fucking hell, Swedish people knew how to eat…
“Would you like some wine, Brian?” Stefan’s dad asked from his right, startling him.
“Uhm yes please Mr Olsdal,” he replied, forgetting he was quite drunk already.
“Oh please call me Fred,” he laughed as he poured some red wine in Brian’s glass.
“Ok… thank you Fred,” Brian blushed and smiled.
Looking around himself he met Stefan’s mum’s eyes. She smiled at him.
“And I’m Agneta by the way,” she added, having obviously heard her husband's words.
She turned her attention to her grandchildren and Brian looked at Stefan, a wide grin on his face.
“Your mum’s called Agneta??” his grin widened even more at Stefan’s annoyed look. He knew what was coming. “I understand now why you love that blonde girl from Abba so much, she reminds you of your mum…” he laughed softly.
“Fuck off,” Stefan faked to be pissed off. Brian only giggled. “Shut up!!” Stefan grinned.
“Or what?” Brian poked his tongue out.
“Or… or… You won’t get to see that ever again…” he nodded towards his crotch and Brian lay a hand on Stefan’s slightly excited groin.
“That?” he purred and Stefan blushed deeply before pushing Brian’s hand away, looking around him nervously to make sure nobody had seen them.
Brian grinned evilly and kissed Stefan’s burning cheek.

A few glasses of wine and a more than satisfying meal later, they were all happily chatting, drinking coffee and smoking, their faces illuminated by candlelight. The kids were off to bed, but they weren’t the only ones to sleep. Brian had fallen asleep an hour ago, his head resting on his arms sprawled over the table. The poor sod had too much wine during dinner, and added to the afternoon vodka, he just fell on the table, exhausted.
“Seems someone had too much to drink…” Fred laughed and the rest of the family joined in.
Stefan looked at Brian, his delicate shoulders were heaving with each breath, his lips were slightly parted and black strands of hair had fallen in his face. Stefan smiled lovingly and reached out to push the hair out of his peaceful face.
“He didn’t have that much wine though…” Agneta continued. “Must be ‘cause he’s so thin.”
Nic grinned at Stefan who laughed.
“Nah, it’s just that he had a lot to drink in the plane over here,” Stefan explained, “he’s scared of flying, plus he was quite nervous to meet you all.”
“Awww, but there was no reason, he’s a real sweetheart!” Mrs Olsdal exclaimed, smiling fondly at the dark head resting on the table.
“You think so?” Stefan couldn’t help asking even if he didn’t doubt his mother’s words.
“I do, and I think we all agree that he is a nice and sweet man,” she continued and the others nodded.
“You can tell from the look in his eyes that he really does love you,” Elin added.
Stefan smiled softly and blushed.
“And I didn’t see you that happy in ages…” Nic winked at his brother.
“Yeah that’s true… I’ve never felt that before, I…” Stefan stumbled for words, not able to express what he was feeling. “I feel that I’ve finally found the right person you know?”
On the table, Brian shifted slightly, hiding the small smile that had appeared on his lips behind his arm. He had been awake long enough to hear their talk. At first he pretended to still be asleep so they wouldn’t feel embarrassed, but now he had grown quite curious. They didn’t notice his move and continued their talking.
“So you think it’s gonna last?” Nic asked bluntly, causing the other ones to turn to him but Stefan only laughed and shook his head, grinning.
“Yes, I think it will, I mean, I don't know about him, but I don’t want anyone else but him.”
They all smiled at him and his father concluded, “Well, that’s good ‘cause we love him already, he makes you happy and that’s what we want the most for our son, to be happy, and he’s now an honorary Olsdal.”
They all laughed rather loudly, which gave an occasion to Brian to ‘wake up’. Using his acting skills, and the fact he was still quite intoxicated, he moaned softly, stirred and opened his eyes, blinking at the light. He looked up and met Stefan’s eyes and smiled sleepily. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and looked at his lover’s family, his cheeks turning a soft shade of red. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face though, Stefan’s words still echoing in his head, and he shifted his chair closer to Stefan’s, tilted his face upwards and kissed his cheek, after what he rested his head on his shoulder, the taller man wrapping his arm around his small body.

They stayed outside a little while longer, chatting about things and others, Brian dozing off every now and then. His head had moved to Stefan’s chest and he could hear his heart beat. He nuzzled against his shirt, taking in the scent that was only Stefan’s.
“Right, we’re off to bed,” Nic announced, he and Elin getting up. “Goodnight everybody.”
Mrs Olsdal watched them disappear in the house before turning her eyes to her other son and the sleepy form wrapped around him.
“I think you two should follow their move,” she smiled. “The poor sweety is exhausted,” she nodded in Brian’s direction.
“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea,” Stefan grinned and stroked Brian’s hair. “Wake up love, let’s get you to bed.”
Brian blinked up at him, and it took him a few seconds to understand what Stefan was on about. The penny seemed to drop at last and he sat up, smiling sheepishly.
“Do you want some help with that Mrs Olsdal? I mean, Agneta?” Brian asked politely.
“That’s very nice of you Brian, but we’ll be fine, just go have some rest, you need it.”
Brian blushed as he realised he’s been asleep half the time and they got on their feet, Stefan leading him into the house after they said their goodnights to his parents.
Hand in hand, they walked up the stairs and into Stefan’s room. As soon as Brian passed the door, he erupted in laughter. The walls were covered with posters of Abba, Depeche Mode and random half naked guys with too much muscles for his liking. The typical gay teenage boy’s room. He turned to face a blushing and embarrassed looking Stefan, grinning up at him.
“Yeah well… I don’t come here very often…” he mumbled as an apology.
“Haha don’t worry Steffie, at least you have a double bed,” Brian laughed and sat on the bed, bouncing up and down, testing the mattress. “Nice,” he smirked and patted the bed beside him. “Come here…” he winked at Stefan.
Stefan smiled and joined Brian on the bed. Brian moved closer to him, his lips searching for the other’s, his hand slipping under the hem of Stefan’s shirt, stroking warm skin. Stefan moaned softly in the kiss, caressing Brian’s hair. But as Brian’s fingers grazed over his nipples, Stefan pushed his hand away.
“Brian, 5 minutes ago you were sleeping on my shoulder, I really think you need some rest.”
Brian pouted a bit but didn’t object. They got up and got rid of their clothes, slipping under the covers clad in only their boxers. They lay silent for a while, Brian’s head resting on Stefan’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around his lover’s chest, Stefan stroking his hair.
“You know,” Brian started after a few minutes where none of them had fallen asleep, “I heard you earlier…”
“Hmm? When?” Stefan asked, not sure about what he was referring to.
“Back outside, when you talked about me with your family…” Brian precised, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on Stefan’s chest.
“I thought you were sleeping!!” Stefan raised his head from the pillow, staring down at Brian.
“I was,” Brian looked up, “but I woke up in the middle of it, and you know what I’m like…” he grinned. He was quite the curious type indeed, mixed with a bit of vanity, the little fucker liked to know what people thought of him.
He resumed his previous position on Stefan’s chest, getting quiet again. But not for long.
“Was it true?” he asked shyly.
“What you said… that you’re happy with me, that I’m the right person for you and that you don’t want anyone else?”
Stefan smiled softly. “Yes, that’s what I feel.”
Brian smiled and looked up at him again. “You know, that’s what I feel too… I love you Stef, I really do.”
Stefan wrapped his arms around Brian’s small body, holding him close. “I know you do sweety, and I love you too.”
Brian pressed his lips to Stefan’s to share a tender kiss. They looked in each other’s eyes, smiling, before Brian nestled back against his sweet lover’s chest, sighing happily. He kissed the soft skin and closed his eyes, falling asleep in no time, Stefan’s fingers still tangled in his black hair.






Every Sky Is Blue - Day Three
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Pairing: Molsdal
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

Brian woke up in the morning at the sound of car doors slamming shut and voices cheering downstairs, followed by some laughter.
Brian stirred and groaned, pressing his hand on the ear that wasn’t resting in Stefan’s chest, trying to shut the noise out. But as he heard another laughter, this one familiar and much closer, he opened one eye. Stefan was looking at him, wide awake, grinning, obviously amused.
“What’s this noise?” Brian growled, rolling off Stefan and hiding his head under the pillow.
“Cousins must have arrived,” he replied and sat up, pulling the covers off him.
“Where are you going?” Brian asked, emerging from under his pillow.
“Getting dressed and then say hello,” he smiled, “come on, get up.”
Brian groaned again, rolling on his front, pressing his face on the mattress. “I can’t, I’m ill.”
Stefan laughed. “No you’re not, you’re hungover. Two painkillers and a cup of coffee and you’ll feel better.”
He got on his feet, taking one step towards his suitcase when he felt a small hand grasp his wrist. He turned to see Brian smiling sweetly at him and he raised an eyebrow questioningly.
“Gimme a kiss.”
Stefan grinned and bent down, teasingly licking at Brian’s lips. Brian brought his tongue out, licking at Stefan’s tongue and soon he was lying on top of Brian, kissing him deeply.
“Boooooooyyyyyyyyyyyys!!” Agneta called from downstairs. “Nicole and Blaine are here!!”
Brian let out another groan and Stefan reluctantly moved from his lover’s body, getting on his feet. He opened the first suitcase he found.
“Uhm, Bri?“
“Why did you pack sandals, sun-tan and that large beach towel?” he asked sceptically.
Brian sat up abruptly, his jaw dropping and his hand soon moving to cover his open mouth.
“Shit, Stef, I won’t have enough clothes and they won’t be warm enough…” he grimaced. Stefan frowned. “Well,” Brian explained, blushing and looking away, “I… I thought we were going to Spain…”
From the corner of his eye, he could see Stefan’s face fall. “Fuck…” he murmured as he remembered their conversation of the week before. Brian must have been looking forward to it. “Aww baby I’m so sorry, I forgot about that, I-”
“No no no!!” Brian exclaimed, jumping on his feet and walking to Stefan. “I’m really happy you took me here, I swear, your family is very sweet and I’m touched, I really am.” He smiled reassuringly, holding Stefan’s hand to his lips, kissing the back of it softly.
Stefan seemed to relax and leaned down to kiss Brian’s cheek before starting to laugh softly.
“What’s so funny?” Brian frowned, a small grin on his lips.
“Nothing, I was just imagining you clad in my clothes…” he laughed harder.
Brian shrugged, pouted and poked his tongue out before bending down, rummaging through his stuff to try and find something to wear.

After sharing some more kisses and other things, they both made their way down the stairs and into the kitchen where Agneta had left some food for a late breakfast.
“Stef!!!” someone exclaimed from behind them.
They both turned to see a blonde guy, looking younger than Stefan and of the height of Brian, bright blue eyes, rather attractive.
“Oh my god, Blaine!!” Stefan wiped his mouth and got up from the table where he had been sitting with Brian, running into the boy’s arms. “Long time no see!”
“Too long,” Blaine pulled away, grinning up at his cousin.
“Blaine, I’d like you to meet Brian,” Stefan said excitedly.
Brian got up, walking to them, shyness taking over him once more. “Hi…”
“Ooh so it’s you, the one we all heard so much about…” he grinned and stared deep in his eyes in a way that made Brian feel quite uncomfortable.
“Uhm, I guess,” he replied, smiling weakly, glancing at Stefan for help.
But he didn’t need it as a girl came in the kitchen, looking very similar to Blaine, though her hair were slightly darker.
“Nicole…” Stefan pulled the girl close.
“Stefan, it’s so good to see you,” she sighed.
“Hey Nicole, this is Brian, you know…” Blaine winked at her.
She looked at Brian, smiling sweetly. “Nice to meet you finally Brian. We’re Stef’s cousins, I’m Nicole, and that sneaky bastard over there is my lil bro Blaine. Be careful with him, he likes pretty boys.”
Brian blushed, smiling weakly at the two of them as he felt even more uncomfortable. Stefan didn’t seem to notice it, though, he was too busy laughing and sharing childhood memories with his two cousins.
Brian’s eyes wandered to the window and to the lake. He walked outside and to the shore. Burying his hands deep in his jeans pockets, he looked in the distance. He took a deep breath, savouring the pure morning air going through his nostrils. And as any intoxicated urban man, he felt in need of a fag. He reached in his back pocket, pulling out the packet and took one, lighting it. He exhaled softly, sitting down on the grass, crossing his legs and stayed still, smoking, admiring the beauty of the site. It reminded him a bit of his grandma’s house in Scotland.
Thinking about his family made his heart sink. Stef’s family was so nice and loving and caring compared to his own. He still couldn’t believe the way they had welcomed him the day before, as if he was part of the family, and all the nice things they said about him. Stefan’s parents loved him, and wanted nothing else but their son to be happy, even if it had to be with another man, they accepted it and didn’t seem to mind.
“Stef, you lucky bastard,” he sighed and shook his head.
“What makes me so lucky?” came an amused voice behind him.
Brian jumped and turned around, looking up at Stefan.
“Stef, you bitch, you scared me!!”
“I’m sorry,” Stefan laughed and sat down next to him, snatching his fag from his cold fingers. “You ok?” he asked after a few seconds, one hand raised to brush Brian’s cheek. “You look a bit sad.”
“Hm?” Brian looked at him and smiled. “Nah I’m fine. I was just thinking that you were lucky to have such a great family.” He didn’t say more, but Stefan knew what was on his mind.
He moved closer, snaking one arm around Brian’s waist, pulling him against his chest, Brian gratefully cuddling up to him.

“Boys?” a voice called from the house. They turned around to see Agneta approaching them, looking at Stefan. “Your dad he’s going fishing, I thought you might wanna accompany him, show Brian what it’s like, what you were doing as a kid.” She smiled broadly.
Stefan looked a bit hesitant, but one glance at Brian and he made up his mind. The small man had a wide grin on his face, obviously intrigued by the ‘kid Stef activities’.
“Yes, good idea mum, when is he leaving?” he asked.
“As soon as you’re ready,” she winked and walked away to inform her husband that they would join him.

“You’re not planning to go like that, are you?” Blaine laughed as Brian walked down the stairs, dressed in ¾ length black trousers and an equally black sleeveless top.
Fred, Nic and Stefan, turned to look at him and laughed as well.
Brian frowned and felt a bit hurt, he didn’t like people making fun of him, and even less about his fashion sense. He looked down at his clothes and back up at the men in front of him.
“Why? What’s wrong with them? The air’s warm enough, I-”
“It’s not that, love,” Stefan smiled, walking to him and squeezing his shoulder comfortingly, “you don’t wanna ruin those, they’re too pretty to go fishing,” he gestured at the clothes.
“We’re gonna have to walk through the woods to get there, there’ll be mud, and then step in the water…” Fred explained.
Brian looked at Stefan, horrified, as if they’d just announced him David Bowie was throwing a party and he wasn’t invited.
Stefan was biting his lip, doing his best not to explode in laughter, though the others didn’t make that much efforts to hide their amusement.
“Fine, what do I have to wear then? I don’t have much clothes for that kind of… things,” Brian asked, pouting.
“Well, it doesn’t really matter since you’ll wear one of those,” Nic replied, holding up something that vaguely looked like a pile of green rubber with boots hanging from it.
Brian raised one eyebrow. “What the hell is that?” he asked slowly, as if afraid of the answer.
Nic held it up properly, revealing deep green rubber dungarees with boots built-in.
A quiet whimper escaped Brian’s lips and he gripped the banister not to fall to the floor in shock. He suddenly erupted in a fit of mad cackle.
“You’re kidding me, right? Hahaha, very funny!!” he exclaimed sarcastically, grinning. But his face fell quickly as he saw the stunned looks on Stefan’s family members’ faces. Once more he turned to his lover.
“Stef?” he asked weakly, “you can’t expect me to wear that…”
Stefan was biting his lip so hard not to smirk that the skin was almost to breaking point. He nodded weakly, taking a deep breath to calm himself down.
Brian’s expression changed from horrified to pouting and from pouting to annoyed. He glared at Stefan and shrugged.
“Anyway, I doubt you have my size, you’re all so tall!” Brian stated, shaking his head in disbelief.
“You can have mine, we have the same size,” Blaine offered, staring deep in Brian’s eyes, making him squirm again under the gaze. Blaine had a small wicked grin on his lips.
“You-you’re not going?” Brian stammered.
“Nah, you need those dungarees more than I do, I bet it’s not everyday you have the opportunity to go fishing, I can go whenever I want,” he winked, and Brian felt somewhat relieved to know he won’t have to spend the day with him.
“Ok, that’s settled, Stefan, go back upstairs with him and find him some clothes,” Fred said, “and hurry up or we’ll be too late and the place will be taken already.” He added as he and Nic made their way outside, taking the dungarees with them.
Blaine just stood there, looking at Brian and Stefan as they climbed up the stairs.

“Stef, do I really have to wear those awful things?” Brian whined as soon as they were back in the Swede’s room.
Stefan sighed. “Come on, Bri, stop whining, it’s gonna be fun!!”
Brian sat down on the bed, looking at Stefan as he was rummaging through his wardrobe. He finally emerged holding a pair of beige trousers and a beige and red checked flannel shirt.
Brian raised an eyebrow sceptically, his face twisting in a mocking grimace.
“Don’t tell me those are yours!” he snorted.
Stefan blushed. “Yeah well, shut up and get into them.”
“No fucking way!!” Brian laughed. “And how come you have such things?? It’s a crime against fashion, Steffie, as a queer you usually have a better taste than that…”
“Fuck off,” Stefan grinned. “I didn’t buy them, my mum did when I was a kid, ‘cause contrary to a certain someone, I did grow up, I didn’t remain a midget!”
Brian poked his tongue out at him, stood up and snatched the clothes from their owner’s hands. He looked at them closely, his face not hiding his obvious disgust.
“What I wouldn’t do for you…” he sighed, and, shaking his head, he started to strip.
It was Stefan’s turn to sit on the bed, and he looked at his lover as clothes fell to the floor. Brian turned around, aware of Stefan’s eyes on him. He smirked and stepped closer to him, pulling the long legs apart with his knee. Stefan’s hands immediately moved to the small hips.
“Can you imagine that such a beautiful body is soon gonna be covered with the most ugly clothes ever?” he purred and Stefan looked up at him, their intense gazes meeting.
Stefan sighed and ran his tongue over his lips, very tempted to taste the soft skin of Brian’s stomach. Instead, he just slapped his arse, causing Brian to squeal, and got up.
“Stop teasing me and get ready or my dad will freak out if someone’s already there when we arrive.” Stefan said seriously.
Brian dressed quickly, not forgetting to complain and once ready, he stood in front of the mirror, a desolated look on his face.
“Stef, if someone sees me in this, and recognizes me, I’m fucked, my reputation is fucked til the end of my life…”
“You’re such a drama queen Brian,” Stefan sighed exasperatedly. He joined Brian and wrapped his arms around the small waist of his lover from behind, leaning his chin on his shoulder and looked in the mirror as well. “I think you’re quite cute actually.”
“Don’t bullshit me Stef,” Brian sniggered.
“I’m not! I dunno if it’s ‘cause you’re in my clothes or ‘cause you actually look like a boy, but I think it suits you, in a way…” Stefan blushed.
Brian looked at his reflection as if he was insane before bursting out laughing. “You’re crazy Stef.” He turned around in his strong arms and looked up at him. “Love you,” he smiled and rose on his tiptoes to press his lips on Stefan’s.

Fred stopped the car on the side of a small path leading inside the forest and they all started to get out of the car except, of course, Brian.
“Bri?” Stefan called, peering inside the car through the open door. “What are you waiting for?”
Brian looked hesitant. “Stef, if there’s a way through the forest, why can’t we go there by car?”
“‘Cause it’s a private property, now come on.” Stefan helped him out of the 4x4 and led him to the back of the car where they all picked up some stuff, dungarees, fishing rods, landing nets and various boxes and buckets.
As they started walking through the woods, Brian’s face grew darker and darker, and Stefan could hear him sigh repeatedly and mumble to himself. After 5 minutes of that, Stefan had enough. He stopped abruptly, causing Brian to bump into him, cursing loudly.
“Fucking hell Stef!!” he looked up and threw him a death glare that startled the poor man.
“Brian, what’s wrong? What’s all that mumbling and sighing and cursing about? If you didn’t wanna come, then you just had to say so and we would have stayed home!!” he exclaimed, slightly pissed off by his boyfriend’s behaviour.
“That’s not the point, I hate woods, I hate walking, and I hate those fucking shoes!!” he spat, pointing at the trainers at his feet. Blaine’s. “They’re too small, it hurts like fuck!”
“Well, serves you right for packing only sandals,” Stefan giggled. Bad idea. Brian was fuming.
“Fuck off!!” he exclaimed and started to walk again, going past Stefan. He walked fast for a few seconds before turning back. “You know, YOU’re the one who didn’t wanna tell me where we were going!!! This is YOUR fault!!”
Stefan sighed, feeling a mix of pissed off, guilty, sympathetic and deeply amused. He walked to Brian who was now shaking. He looked on the verge of tears, tears of frustration. Plus Blaine did have unusually small feet so Brian must really hurt.
“Come on, on my back lady,” he winked, kneeling down.
Brian stared at him, mouth and eyes wide open, his head shaking in disbelief.
“You’re serious?” he asked in a small voice.
“Of course, now hurry up, Dad and Nic have already disappeared in the distance.”
Brian gave a kind of amazed laugh and crawled on Stefan’s back, wrapping his legs around his thin waist and his arms around his strong shoulders. They managed to find a way to carry all their stuff and Stefan started walking as quick as possible to catch up with the two other men.
“You’re a doll…” Brian grinned against his lover’s ear, slowly licking the edge of it and watched amusedly as the skin of his neck covered in goose bumps.
5 more minutes and they were out of the woods and on a pebbles beach, a rather large river flowing in front of them.
“We’re here!” Stefan exclaimed.
“Oh…already?” was Brian’s only reply, he was too preoccupied blushing and feeling silly about his earlier tantrum.
Stefan laughed as he recognised the tone in Brian’s voice and let go of him, letting the small man slip from his back to the ground. He turned and grinned at the very bright red Brian smiling sheepishly at him.
“Well, erm, thanks…” he mumbled, visibly embarrassed.
Stefan felt himself melt inside. This little guy was so cute, and all for him. He reached out for Brian’s chin, cupping it in his hand and lifting it slightly before leaning down and kissing the soft pouty lips.

“Hey guys!! Over here!!!” Nic’s voice interrupted them as the kiss was slowly turning into a full snog and they both giggled, picking up what they had let falling to the ground and walking quickly to where Nic and Fred had settled down.
Pebbles were covering the whole way, and seemed to extend to the whole river bed. Brian, for who walking through the woods was hell, was now wincing with pain at each step as the nasty pebbles were twisting his ankles and pushing the shoes material against his toes.
They finally reached the two others, dropping their stuff to the floor. Brian immediately sat down, taking the trainers off and wiggling his poor toes in the warm air, pouting and grimacing as he massaged them, letting out small whimpers.
Fred, Nic and Stefan exchanged a glance and grinned, holding back a laugh.
“Not used to walking in the nature, eh?” Fred teased him, but Brian didn’t hear it as he was too concentrated on his red hurting toes.

While Brian was busy with his toes, the others started to unpack and prepare everything. Folding stools appeared from nowhere, and the bits of fishing rods were assembled.
When Brian looked up, he was confronted with the sight of his boyfriend as well as his brother and dad all dressed in green rubber dungarees. He stared at them before grinning, wider and wider, finally having to bite his lip not to let out a nasty laughter.
“Don’t you look at us like that!” Stefan laughed, throwing the fourth dungarees at him, “here’s your own.” He winked mockingly.
Brian poked his tongue out and got up, picking up the dungarees and holding them between two fingers, looking at it in disgust.
“Oh well, when you have to… you have to.” He shook his head and stepped into the weird piece of clothing. He brought the straps over his shoulders and looked down at his body, cringing at the thought of how bad he must have looked like that.
He heard a ‘click’ sound and looked up just in time to see Stefan hiding a small camera behind his back. His jaw dropped and he launched himself at Stefan, trying to take the cam from him. But Stefan was faster and handed it to Nic who hid it in one of the bags without Brian noticing.
After a while, Brian, tired of fighting, just leant against Stefan, looking up at him, his chin resting on the taller man’s chest.
“Meany,” he pouted and poked out his tongue. “Right, what do we do now?” he exclaimed, pulling away from his lover and walking to the fishing rods and buckets, trying to have a look at what was in them.
“Now, we each take a rod and a few baits and go try our luck in the water,” Fred answered.
“Baits? What kind of baits will we use? Those kind of bright fake flies and all?” Brian asked, trying to sound like he knew something about fishing.
“Ahh yes, we’ll use that later on, but for now, we’ll use those…” he said, walking to one of the buckets and opening it. The inside of the bucket was swarming with pink-grey maggots, producing an awful suction/rubbing sound and a more than nasty smell.
Brian peeked inside and gulped, gathering all his courage not to run away. He gulped again, his face turning a greenish shade.
“Those are… maggots, right?” he asked in a shaking voice, feeling a bit sick.
“Yes, and we’ll hang one at the fish-hook and wait for a fish to bite,” Nic looked up and winked. He frowned when he saw the look on Brian’s face. “You ok?” he asked concernedly.
“Mhmm,” was the simple mumbled reply, the small man’s eyes locked on the contents of the bucket.
After a while, he seemed to come back to his senses and raised his head, a look of apprehension on his face.
“So, uhm, I have to, uhm, take some of those, and, uhm, hang them to the hook,” Nic nodded to him, “with my fingers, right?” Again, Nic nodded, looking more and more amused.
Brian swallowed hard, taking a deep breath and trying to look brave. “Ok.” He put on a fake smile, doing his best not to show his disgust.

A few minutes later, they were all stepping in the water, each of them armed with a fishing rod and a bag of maggots hanging from their arms. Brian followed Stefan until he had water coming up to his waist.
“Uhm, Stef, stop,” he called after Stefan who was still walking further in the river.
He turned back, looking at the man a few feet behind him. “What is it?”
Brian gestured vaguely to his waist. “I can’t go much further in or the water will come up above the edge of the dungarees, and I don’t wanna get wet.”
Stefan nodded and joined him, sighing and shaking his head jokingly. “Midgets…” he murmured loud enough for Brian to hear, knowing it was driving him crazy.
He was right, Brian’s face grew red and he glared up at him, obviously struggling to find an appropriate reply. “Hmmphhh” he groaned, not having found anything. He just turned away from Stefan, fumbling with his fishing rod, trying to understand how it worked.
Stefan laughed. “Brian, look, here, like that,” he said, showing him what to do.
He opened his bag and took out a maggot. Brian couldn’t help grimacing as he looked at the pink little thing wriggling between Stefan’s fingers. But he kept watching as Stefan attached the maggot to the hook and flung it forward, the line casting off. The hook landed in the water a few feet in front of them and Stefan turned to Brian.
“See? Not complicated,” he smiled. “Your turn.”
Brian opened his bag, letting out a strangled whimper as he put his hand inside, gulping as his fingertips came in contact with the swarming content. Stefan watched him, amused. The poor little guy really seemed to be using all of his courage and bravery to get the hook through the maggot. He cringed as a little droplet of blood escaped the pink thing and took hold of the line, raising the hook in front of his face. Stefan laughed as Brian threw a disgusting look at the maggot before turning to him.
“Er, what do I do now? I fling it forward?” He didn’t wait for Stefan’s reply. He raised the fishing rod and with one swift movement, threw the line forward.
“Brian, no!!!!!” Stefan exclaimed loudly, his hands moving to stop Brian’s arm. But he was too late. The bag of maggots, still open, had let its content fall in the water, and hundreds of maggots were now happily swimming around them.
Brian let out a shriek as he realised what had happened and immediately dropped his fishing rod, throwing his arms in the air, rising on his tiptoes.
“Steeeef!!!” he squealed, “Stef help me please!!! They’re all around they’re on me I can feel it fucking hell Stef help me!!!” He yelled out. Stefan turned to find the smaller man splashing and screeching, and generally making a large fuss, so he started to wade towards him.
But before he could do anything, Brian was running to the shore, almost tripping in the process. He stumbled on the pebbles and once he was out of the water, he started pulling roughly at his dungarees and kicking his legs. He got out of them quickly and threw them away, taking several steps back, before falling to the floor and staring at the discarded dungarees suspiciously. He started scratching his skin and slapping at his trousers. “They’re still on me… crawling… uuhh” he whimpered to himself as he tried to seek out the non-existent maggots.
Stefan ran after him, stopping in front of him and looking at him pulling at his clothes and skin, turning on himself as he tried to look at his back.
Stefan grabbed his arm, stopping him in the middle of his investigation. “Hey, calm down Bri…”
Brian snatched his arm from Stefan’s grip and resumed checking himself agitatedly. “I need to get them off Stef!! Aargh! What’s this???” He moved closer to Stefan, biting his lip in apprehension, holding a piece of fabric on the back of his shoulder.
“That’s just the seam you dummy! There’s nothing on you.” Stefan laughed and shook his head as Brian looked at it and sighed in relief, his whole body relaxing.
Stefan reached out to Brian, pulling him into a big bear hug, ruffling the dark hair.
“Hang on, what’s this?” Stefan asked, faking to find something on Brian’s back.
Brian pulled away, trying to look at his back. “What? What did you find?” he asked, slight panic in his voice. He turned to stare at Stefan as he heard him laugh.
“I was just kidding Bri,” Stefan grinned.
Brian glared at him. “Yeah very funny!” he snapped and walked back to his dungarees, carefully picking them from the floor and examining them. When he was sure there was no risk, he slipped back in them. Still ignoring Stefan’s presence, he started making his way to the water, walking along the shore in hope to find his fishing rod.
“Brian! Brian!!” Stefan called and ran after him, grabbing his shoulder to make him stop as Brian was doing a great job in ignoring him. “I’m sorry ok, I didn’t think you’d take it like that!” he exclaimed exasperatedly.
Brian turned around, trying to look pissed off but a pout soon replaced his mad expression. He shrugged and looked at his feet. “I just hate those, I really do.” He looked up at Stefan and grimaced. “Imagine they could have crawled into my pants…” he shuddered and moved closer to Stefan, cuddling up against his chest, sighing as the tall man wrapped his long arms around his back.

They heard the sound of someone walking on pebbles and turned to see Fred approaching them, holding a fishing rod.
“Is that yours?” he asked Brian as he neared them.
Brian blushed. “Uhm yes, thanks.” He took it from Stefan’s dad who was looking at him oddly.
“We heard screams, then the rod came floating down the river to where we were… what happened? Are you ok?” he asked concernedly.
Brian looked embarrassed and Stefan had to bite his lip not to laugh and was struggling to keep his face straight.
“We’re fine, thank you Fred, I just got… uhm, surprised…” Brian mumbled, turning bright red.
Mr Olsdal raised an eyebrow and looked at his son questioningly. Stefan mouthed ‘I’ll tell you later’ behind his boyfriend’s back and winked, smirking. Fred grinned, causing Brian to turn and look at Stefan suspiciously.
“Alright then, I’m going back to Nic, we’ll have lunch a bit later, ok?”
The boys nodded in agreement and Fred walked away.
“What did you do behind my back?” Brian asked slowly, hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised.
Stefan held up his hands in defence, looking innocent. “Who, me? I did nothing!” he grinned. “Stop being so paranoid.”
Brian sighed, shaking his head. “I have reasons to be!” he grinned back.
“Now you have your rod back, which is a luck, can we go back to fishing?”
“If I have to…” Brian sighed dramatically.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there to protect you if the nasty worms come back to attack you and eat your pants off!” Stefan smirked.
Brian hit him playfully. “Yeah, you’d be like my own superman… Supersteffles, rescuing a weak lady from the awful sneaky worms.”
“Haha, I don’t think I could stand wearing tight red pants…and blue just isn’t my colour.” Stefan shook his head as they made their way to the water.
“You don’t have to dress like him, you could have your own costume…”
“Oh and what do you have in mind? ‘Cause I’m sure you do have something…”
“You know me so well.” Brian grinned. “Well…” he stopped walking, turning to look at Stefan. His hand moved to his chin, holding it pensively. “I think boxers would do.”
Stefan laughed. “Just boxers?”
Brian nodded. “Of course… why would you hide such a gorgeous body?” he smirked. “Just golden boxers!”
Stefan grimaced. “Golden? That looks so gay!”
Brian sniggered. “Stefan, you ARE gay!! Plus they have to be golden.”
“And why is that?”
“‘Cause they’re magical!!!” he exclaimed, a mysterious smile playing on his lips.
Stefan burst out laughing. “Magical boxers?? Oh my god Brian, what did you smoke?”
Brian shrugged, laughing as well. “Just think about it and all wonderful things they could do!”
“And what could they do?” Stefan asked between fits of laughter.
“Err… argh! I can’t think, but you’d look hot as fuck in them.” Brian smirked naughtily.
Stefan laughed. “Ok, consider this as Supersteffles’ first mission then…” He knelt down, grabbing Brian’s legs and hoisted him up onto his shoulder, Brian’s small legs down his front and his head and chest hanging down his back. “Let’s fly to the river!! Wooooooo!!!” he exclaimed and started running to the river and inside, splashing water all over Brian’s body, the small man giggling madly, slapping Stefan’s arse.

One hour later, Stefan had caught a few small fish, but Brian’s score was still 0.
“Why the fuck are they eating your worms and not mine??? A worm is a worm!” he exclaimed, more and more annoyed as time was passing. “What are you doing that you didn’t tell me to do?? I want the fucking fish to eat my fucking worm!!!”
Stefan giggled at Brian’s last sentence, causing Brian to throw him a sceptical look. Stefan only shrugged.
“I have no idea why they don’t like your worm Brian,” Stefan smirked, jumping slightly as another fish bit at the end of his line. “I don’t see what’s wrong with it, it’s quite nice actually…” he winked.
“But I… Steeef!!” he stopped and exclaimed exasperatedly as he finally realised what Stefan was on about.
“Stef! Brian!” Nic called from the shore. “Come on, we’re gonna have lunch!”
Brian sighed in relief. “At long last.”
He and Stefan made their way out of the water and to where Fred was starting to gather some bits of wood to make a fire and dropping them next to a circle of stone.
“Hey, how did fishing go? Did you catch anything?” Nic asked Brian cheerfully, emptying his fishing net into a bucket, then adding Fred’s and Stefan’s fish.
Brian looked at the fish, bumping stupidly into each other in the small space of water they had and grunted his reply.
“What was that?” Nic raised his eyebrow, glancing at his brother.
“He’s pissed off ‘cause the fish weren’t interested in his maggots,” Stefan grinned.
“You didn’t catch anything?” Nic asked, surprised. “That’s odd, this river is full of fish, it’s usually quite easy to catch something…”
Brian looked disgusted and sat on the floor, pouting.
“What do we have to eat?” he asked in a small voice after a few minutes of sulking.
“Fish!” Stefan and Nic exclaimed together, laughing at the look on Brian’s face.
“Speaking of which, we have to empty them, gimme a hand, would you?” Nic asked his brother.
“Hang on…” Brian looked at them with big eyes. “You mean we’re gonna eat those?” he pointed at the bucket. “They’re still alive!!”
“That’s why we gotta kill them first.” Nic winked.
Brian’s jaw dropped in shock and he turned to look at Stefan.
“Don’t look at me like that Bri, what’s wrong with that? You often eat fish in London, I don’t see what’s the problem…”
“But… but… I never thought of it as real fish… I mean, it’s just bits, it doesn’t look like fish when I buy it…” he grimaced.
Stefan and Nic laughed. “And where do you think it comes from? A tree?”
Brian resisted the urge to show him the finger. “Ha-ha,” he laughed sarcastically, “very funny. I meant it’s just food in shops, not animals… get me? I don’t have to…” another grimace “watch some barbarians kill and open and empty it!” he finished with a shudder.
“Oh god Bri, you’re such a sissy.” Stefan sighed, shaking his head.
“Fuck you!” Brian spat.
“Not in front of the fish honey,” Stefan poked his tongue out at him and Brian huffed in frustration.

“Poor fish…” Brian was standing in front of the fire, looking down at the fish happily grilling. “Poor, poor fish…” He shook his head and sighed.
“Hmm, they look ok, I think we can eat now.” Stefan said from just behind him.
Brian turned around, looking up at him. “You’re so cruel…”
Stefan raised an eyebrow. “Does that mean you’ll go without food? ‘Cause that’s all we have…” He smirked at the look of pure shock on his boyfriend’s face.
“Alright then…” Brian pouted at him.
“Alright then what? You’re having some or not?”
“Yes,” Brian mumbled.
“What was that? I didn’t hear.” Stefan teased him.
“Yes! I’m fucking hungry, ok?” Brian exclaimed and Stefan laughed, happy with himself.

They all settled down on the pebbles next to the fire, eating fresh fish, and Brian couldn’t do anything else than to admit that it was the best he ever ate. He was rewarded by a pat on the head from Stefan, a grin from Fred and a laugh from Nic.
He himself couldn’t help a big smile from appearing on his lips as he looked around himself. He felt good, here in the nature, experiencing new stuff. It was quite a change from his every-day-life, a very nice one. Stefan’s family was making him feel like a normal human being, he didn’t feel out of place like with his own family. He was having a good time, better than he had in ages. And it was all thanks to his wonderful Steffie.
He turned his head in Stefan’s direction, smiling as he met the warm brown eyes of his lover. Stefan smiled back, guessing the thoughts present in Brian’s head and he reached out for one small hand, squeezing it in his.

After a few more bites of fish, a few beers and loads of chatting and laughing, they were all back in the river. Fred and Nic had decided to try their luck upstream this time while Brian and Stefan kept their earlier spot.
“Do you think they will like my maggots now?” Brian asked, nodding to the water.
“I’m sure that now you ate one of them, they will be more than willing to piss you off by stealing your worms.” Stefan winked.
“Ooh so that’s how you Swedish people do!!” Brian exclaimed and started laughing.
“Fish are stupid…” he added after a while of silence.
“Why?” Stefan grinned.
“They’re not logical… they should have liked me more ‘cause I never hurt one of them, but instead they ignored me and preferred to go to your worms, knowing perfectly you had already murdered members of their family… no logic at all…”
Stefan stared at him with big surprised eyes.
“On the other hand,” Brian continued, “the fact you ate them could explain their preference. They’ve been in your body, parts of them are still in you, in your blood, muscles and all, and the fish in the river might feel their brothers’ and sisters’ auras emanating from you…”
Stefan was now gawping at him, shaking his head in amazement.
Brian noticed the look on his face. “What?”
“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation…” Stefan answered, disbelief in his voice, and the both of them burst into laughter.

Hours passed, and when the sun started to go down, Brian still hadn’t caught the tiniest fish.
“I must be cursed or something…” he sighed. “This sucks! What will I look like when we go back to your home and you all bring back loads of fish and I have nothing?? A whole fucking day and nothing, not one single fish!!! Stef, what- aaaaaaaaargh!!!”
Brian shrieked as something almost snatched the rod from his hands, something that was pulling on it with such a force Brian was struggling to keep hold of it.
“Oh my fucking god Stef!! I have a bite!! Stef help me goddammit!!!” he squealed.
Stefan join him quickly and helped him turning the reel and getting the line back to him. When Brian pulled the hook out of the water, a huge salmon was hanging onto it, wriggling madly to get free.
“Holy shit…” they both murmured in unison, gaping at the big fish at the end of Brian’s line.
“Wow… you don’t catch anything for all day, but when you do, it has to be the biggest fucking fish of the whole river! I’ve never seen such a big salmon!” Stefan moved closer from the fish, watching it in awe. He took it down and put it in the fishing net. “Come on Bri, lets get out before this fellow decides to sneak away from us.”
They walked back to the shore where Stefan dropped the fish in a bucket, which they found out was way too small for such a bit creature. The salmon was wriggling so hard the bucket fell over and the fish went hopping on the pebbles.
“Hey you fuck!! Don’t you dare buggering off on me!! I’ve waited for you all bloody day so come back!!” Brian exclaimed, running after the fish, trying to catch it but it kept slipping from his hands.
Stefan was laughing so hard watching his boyfriend running after a fish that his abs were hurting and he had to hold his sides.
“Stop laughing dammit and come and help me!!!” Brian shrieked, trying to kick the fish with his foot but missing it and ending up sending a few pebbles flying.
Stefan grabbed a fishing net and ran to Brian and his rebellious salmon. He threw the net over the fish which was soon prisoner but kept giving weak attempts at hopping away.
“Thank you!” Brian sighed, breathless. His gaze moved to the fish which was desperately trying to get some oxygen but looked weaker and weaker by the minute. Brian kneeled down next to it and poked it. “Aww poor fishy…”
Stefan sniggered. “You can’t help it, can you? It tries to fuck off but you still pity it…” he laughed.
Brian took a deep breath. “You know what Steffie? You’re right.” He pointed at the dying salmon. “You got what you deserved you bitch!! You’re gonna die and then I’ll eat you and all your children will love me afterwards!!! Mwahahaha!!” he broke off in the wickedest evil laughter.

“Oh my god! Stef is it you who got this one??” Fred exclaimed as he and Nic came back.
“No, it’s Bri.” Stef laughed at Brian who was grinning happily.
“Really?” Nic stared at Brian, amazed. “Wow!!” he moved to pick up the fish, looking at it closely and showing it to his dad.
“That’s the biggest fish I’ve seen in quite a while, I didn’t know it was possible to get one with just a simple maggot…” Fred shook his head in disbelief. “That calls for a picture!” he added as an afterthought.
“A picture?” Brian asked, confused.
“Yep, when someone gets a really big fish, it’s tradition that a picture is taken of him holding his fish.” Stefan answered.
Brian looked at him oddly before bursting out laughing. “Ok, why not.”
Nic handed him the salmon, indicating to Brian to hold it by the tail while Stefan found the camera.
“Hang on.” Brian stopped Stefan as he was about to take the picture. “I want you to be on the picture with me.” He smiled.
Stefan smiled back, handed the camera to his brother and moved to his boyfriend’s side, wrapping one arm around the narrow shoulders as Brian was holding the fish on his other side, beaming proudly.
Once they were done, they quickly packed all their stuff and walked back to the car, Brian still in his dungarees as it was more comfortable for him to walk in them than in the tiny trainers. He only took them off when they reached the car.

A few hours later, Brian was lying in the grass at the back of the house, his head resting on Stefan’s stomach, both men looking up at the stars in silence.
When they had come back home, Fred had made Brian show the fish to the whole family who had awed in admiration, and Agneta had insisted on cooking it for dinner.
They had had a nice meal, outside like the day before, chatting, laughing and talking about Stefan’s childhood.
“You really built a wooden house?” Brian broke the silence.
“Mh-hmm,” Stefan answered, “on the other side of the lake.”
“That’s quite far from here, you were walking all the way til there? Wasn’t it dangerous to walk in the woods by yourself when you were so young?” Brian asked, turning to lie on his front, resting his chin on his hand as he looked up at the man lying next to him.
“Well, nothing bad can really happen here, it’s a quiet and calm place, plus I was never really alone, there was always my bro or cousins with me…”
“Are you still going there?” Brian continued, absentmindedly playing with Stefan’s shirt.
There was a short pause before he replied. “Actually no, I haven’t been there for years… it must have become a ruin by now. It was nothing big, just a small house built by four children… we had fun there…” he added, smiling softly at the memories.
“Would you show me?” Brian asked hopefully.
“You wanna see it?” Stefan replied, surprised.
“If that’s ok with you, I’d love to. I… I’ve never had anything like that, you know, I didn’t get to do all the things a child usually does. I was alone, my brother was too old to play with me, and we lived in a city, there was no woods around… And when we were visiting my grandma in Scotland, I wasn’t allowed to wander too far from the house anyway, so…” Brian trailed off, a sad and bitter tone clearly audible in his voice.
“Of course we can go, love.” Stefan said, not really knowing what to reply to that.
Brian simply smiled at him and cuddled up to him, resting his head on Stefan’s chest and laying one arm across his waist as Stefan wrapped his arms around his small body, stroking his dark hair with one hand.
“Thank you,” Brian whispered after several minutes of silence.
“What for sweetheart?” Stefan asked softly, still running his fingers through his lover’s hair.
“For taking me here and showing me what the word family really is about…” Brian replied, snuggling even closer to Stefan.
“I’m glad you like them.” Stefan said genuinely.
“They’re lovely.”
“So are you.”
Brian just smiled, burying his face in Stefan’s neck and closing his eyes, letting out a small contented sigh, quickly dozing off.
“I think we’d better go to bed now.” Stefan laughed softly as he felt Brian’s body grow limp.
“But I feel good here,” Brian protested weakly, moaning as Stefan moved to stand up.
“Come on, love, we can’t sleep here or we’ll get a cold.” He helped Brian up.
Brian fell against him, half asleep, hugging him tightly, nuzzling his neck. He tilted up his face, blindly searching for Stefan’s lips. He let out a tiny sigh as he found them and they shared a slow tender kiss. Then Stefan moved Brian’s arms around his neck and picked the small man up, wrapping the short legs around his waist and carrying the sleeping form inside the house.




Every Sky Is Blue - Day Four
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: [info]j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

The next day, Brian woke up first for once. He rolled on his side, facing Stefan, propping his head up on his shoulder. He looked down at his lover’s soft face and moved his hands to lightly run his fingers over the closed eyelids, cheeks and lips, lingering there before replacing his fingers with his own lips in a soft brush.
He looked up again and smiled, his fingers now gently stroking Stefan’s temple and hair, admiring his beauty before he lowered his head once more. He brought his tongue out, very slowly tracing Stefan’s lips. He pulled away as he felt his lover stir slightly, letting out a soft sigh.
Brian ginned and pulled the covers off of them and straddled Stefan, sitting on his narrow hips. He went back to the lips he was licking only a few seconds earlier, gently nipping on them before pushing his tongue in between.
That elicited a long moan from Stefan who moved his arms to wrap them around Brian’s back, pulling him closer.
Brian grinned in the kiss and after one minute or two, he finally pulled away.
“Hey you,” he smiled.
“Morning,” Stefan replied.
“I see you’re awake…” Brian grinned naughtily, glancing down Stefan’s body and grinding their hips together.
Stefan grinned back and bit on his lip, stifling a moan as the smaller man attached his lips to his collarbone, hips still moving teasingly.
Stefan suddenly pushed Brian on his back, pinning him down to the bed with his own body, holding his wrists above his head on the mattress.
Brian gave him a coy look before smiling dirtily at the thought of what was to happen.

A little while later, they were both lying side by side on their back on the bed, panting, doing a great job in ignoring the wet patches on the bed sheets.
“I’m gonna take a shower,” Brian announced as he moved to place a soft kiss on Stefan’s lips before getting up. He slipped into one of Stefan’s shirt.
As he reached the door, he paused, turning back to Stefan. “Join me?”
The man on the bed laughed. “Go ahead, I’ll join you in a second.”
Brian grinned and nodded, blowing him a kiss before walking out of the room and into the bathroom where he turned on the shower. He stripped and stepped under the hot jet of water, sighing as he felt his muscles relaxing.
Two minutes later he heard the bathroom door open. He pulled the shower door open, grinning. But his face turned into an expression of pure horror and he let out a loud shriek, throwing the door shut again. Blaine. Blaine came in and saw him naked…!!
Stefan was still in his room, picking up some clothes when he heard Brian’s scream. He rushed to the bathroom, clad only in his boxers.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!?” he yelled out at Blaine who was staring at the opaque glass window of the shower.
“Are you perving on my boyfriend?!” He added as he grabbed his cousins by his shoulders and pulled him out of the bathroom forcefully.
“It’s not what you think, Stef! I wasn’t looking at him, I swear!” Blaine stammered, trying to find the right words to explain himself and calm down Stefan.
“It sure looked like it!” Stefan exclaimed.
“No, no, I just came in and he opened the door wide, grinning at me!! I didn’t know it was Brian, I wouldn’t have gone inside if I’d known. Plus the door wasn’t even locked!!” Blaine explained quickly.
“Why did you even get inside in the first place? Didn’t you hear the sound of water?” Stefan glared.
“I thought it was Nicole, and I just forgot my watch earlier, that’s why I went inside, honest. Now it’s not my fault if your boyfriend like to play the exhibitionist when someone walks in on him having a shower!” Blaine finished with a small grin.
“He was waiting for me,” Stefan replied, finally cooling down.
Blaine took a few steps towards the staircase before turning back to his cousin with a huge smirk on his face.
“You know, I can understand why you chose him as your boyfriend… he’s fucking hot!” He laughed and flew down the stairs just as Stefan’s face turned bright crimson.
He took a deep breath to calm down before going back into the bathroom where Brian was standing still under the jet. He pushed the door open slowly, causing Brian to jump as he was facing away from him.
“Hey shh it’s only me,” Stefan whispered soothingly.
“You scared me!” Brian breathed, moving his hand to his wet chest.
“I did? What about Blaine then??”
To Stefan’s surprise, Brian started giggling. “Haha Stef, you should have seen the look on his face!! Priceless!! Hahaha!!”
Stefan sniggered. “Yeah, and I can just imagine the look on yours!”
Brian just poked his tongue out at him and grabbed the shower gel, handing it to Stefan before turning his back to him.
Stefan sighed mockingly and started rubbing the cool gel over Brian’s soft back and shoulders.

“So, what are we doing today? Please don’t say fishing or hunting or anything primitive like that…” Brian joked.
Stefan laughed and poked his tongue out. “Nah, I thought we could walk to the other side of the lake, to see the wooden house I told you about last night… if you still want to, that is…”
Brian’s eyes lit up. “Of course I do! Yeah, that’s a brilliant idea!!” he beamed. “Does it take long to go there?”
“Uhm no, not too much, about an hour. We can have lunch now seeing as it’s late morning already and then walk there, what do you think?”
“Perfect.” Brian smiled broadly.

So Mrs Olsdal had prepared them an early lunch, seeming happy about the boys’ plans for the afternoon.
“Be careful!” she exclaimed at her son as they started walking towards the forest next to the house.
“Mum, I’m not 5 anymore,” Stefan laughed.
“Still, you never know what you can find there, nobody’s been there for quite a while, it could be dangerous.” She added seriously.
“How?” Stefan frowned, amused.
“Just… don’t go inside, I don’t want the roof to fall on your head, and mind the snakes!” She finished.
Stefan just shrugged. “Don’t worry mum, we’ll be fine and I have my phone, it’s ok, really.”
He then turned to Brian only to find the small man looking deeply disgusted. “What?” Stefan frowned.
Brian looked up at him. “Snakes?” he asked carefully, as if the word could burn his mouth.
Stefan laughed and ruffled his hair. “Come on, she’s just being a mother.”

They were walking through the woods for a few minutes when Stefan realised Brian wasn’t by his side anymore and that he was talking to empty air instead of his boyfriend. He turned back, not seeing him anywhere.
“Over here!” a muffled voice came, causing Stefan to frown and walk back in the direction of the voice.
He found Brian leaning against a tree, one leg raised from the floor, his foot shoeless. He actually had the trainer in his hand, shaking it madly.
Stefan looked at him sceptically, waiting for an explanation.
“What?” Brian exclaimed, annoyed by Stefan’s gaze on him. “I had a rock in my shoe!”
Stefan looked even more sceptical. “A rock?”
“Yeah well, a rock, a stone, it’s all the same…” he sighed, annoyed. “And that little devil has been gnawing on my foot for ages!!” he hissed through gritted teeth.
Stefan watched in silence as Brian carefully put his shoe back on and his foot back on the ground.
“Aaaaaah” Brian let out a loud sigh of relief. “That’s much better…” he smiled stupidly in ecstasy. “Now I’m ready for the invasion, lets take the Indians by surprise!!!” he exclaimed as he started running singing the cavalry theme.
Stefan looked at him, a look of total bewilderment on his face and all that was going through his head at this very moment was something along the lines of ‘that man’s insane, but fuck, I love him…’

They continued walking through the woods, never going too far from the lake so they could always see the water, shining with the sun reflection, through the trees. It was a nice day, the air was warm and a soft breeze was making the leaves brush together, producing a soothing sound, along with the singing of the birds.
Brian moved closer to Stefan, wrapping his fingers around the Swede’s long ones. He sighed softly and smiled up at Stefan, his fingers gently stroking the strong hand in his. The tall man smiled back, happy to see his boyfriend smiling and feeling good, and he pulled him close into a gentle hug, kissing his forehead before they started walking again, hand in hand.

“Is it far?” Brian asked eventually.
“Nah, I think we’ll be there soon.” Stefan replied, frowning slightly as he looked all around himself.
“You ‘think’?” Brian raised an eyebrow.
“Well, yeah, I told you I haven’t been there for years, and woods tend to change, you know.” Stefan replied as he let go of his boyfriend’s hand in order to go inspect the surroundings. “Damn, I don’t recognise this place…”
Brian grimaced. “Don’t tell me we’re lost…” he whined.
“No Bri, we’re not lost, I just can’t find any trace of the old path…” Stefan sighed in frustration.
“What did it look like?”
Stefan stared at Brian as if he’d just asked the stupidest question ever. “Like a path, earth on the ground…”
“Thanks, I know what a path looks like Stef you dumbass, I meant, was there anything special, any particular signs, like a weirdly shaped tree or a stump or didn’t you carve anything in a trunk, you know, that kind of things…”
“Ooh!” Stefan exclaimed in realisation and, after turning on himself a few times, he ran to a nearby stump, touching it with the tip of his fingers before counting his steps to a tree a few metres away. Again, he brushed the tip of his fingers against the bark, seemingly deep in thought. “I know where we are!” he grinned triumphantly and motioned for Brian to follow him as he started running through small bushes.
Brian did his best to follow him, cursing as the branches tried to get him rid of his pants.
“Stef! Stef!!! Slow down for fuck’s sake!!” he whined, breathless. “Fucking hell…” he gasped as he stopped dead in his tracks.
They had reached a small clearing in the trees, not far from the shore. You could actually see the water perfectly from there, only a few metres away. And in a tangle of trees stood a wooden house, rather large for something built by children. It was built with small bits of trunk and branches, and anything that could be found in a forest. A short ladder was leading to the entrance, it wasn’t that high from the ground though, but it must have seemed so for small kids.
“I can’t believe it’s still here…” Stefan exclaimed in disbelief, slowly walking to the house and laying a hand on the ladder. “It looks exactly like in my memories… everything’s still here…” a happy smile crept on his face, at the same time as tears appeared in his eyes.
Brian watched in silence, a touched smile on his lips, as Stefan walked all around the house, appearing lost in long lost memories. He then looked up in Brian’s eyes, grinning stupidly.
“Sorry, I was kinda lost for a sec…” he apologised and Brian laughed softly.
“I can understand, it’s beautiful, I can’t believe you built it as a child, it looks so… solid.” Brian grinned apologetically as he couldn’t find better words.
“That’s Swedish stuff baby, it’s strong and lasts long, good quality.” Stefan beamed, unaware of the dirty smirk forming on his boyfriend’s face.
“Too right!” Brian licked at his lips, his eyes running over the tall and thin body in front of him before meeting the brown eyes again in a very suggestive gaze.
Stefan laughed and made him a face before turning back to the house and starting to climb on the ladder.
“Stef? Hang on!! What are you doing??” Brian exclaimed.
Stefan stopped and turned to him, raising an eyebrow. “What does it look like?”
“Stef, you dunno if it’s solid enough.”
“You just said it looked like it.” Stefan shrugged and climbed a bit further up.
Brian grabbed the belt of his trousers. “Precisely. It ‘looks’ like it is… but you don’t know. Stefan, I’m serious, get down.”
The tone in Brian’s voice, and the fact he had just called him by his full name, made Stefan come back down, sighing.
“Don’t look at me like that Stef, you were a kid when you last climbed up there, and you were a kid when you built it, you have no idea of how solid it is now.”
“You sound like my mum…” Stefan grumbled quietly.
“Yes I do, and that’s ‘cause she’s right.” Brian snapped back. He sighed and softened. “Listen, I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you, I can go up there if you really wanna see if it still holds together.”
Stefan opened his mouth to reply but Brian cut him off.
“I’m smaller and lighter, I must have the same weight as you did back as a kid…” he grinned.
“You think I’m gonna let you climb when you stopped me from doing it?” Stefan raised an eyebrow.
“Yep, ‘cause you do want to know the state it’s in, and you do agree about you being too tall and heavy.” Brian poked his tongue out and made his way to the ladder.
“Be careful though…” Stefan couldn’t help being worried, suddenly feeling what Brian had felt only a minute ago.
“Yes daaaaad.” Brian replied innocently and started to climb up the ladder.

“So?” Stefan asked hesitantly.
“Looks ok…” Brian replied from inside the small house. He carefully walked around the place, even daring to jump slightly, causing Stefan to cringe in fear, before peeking his head out of the door, grinning down at his lover. “It’s all good sweets, I think you can come up here.” He winked before disappearing inside again.
Stefan quickly joined him and sat on the floor, he couldn’t stand up anyway. When Brian looked at him, he realised his boyfriend was blushing, staring at the floor.
He sat down next to him and rested a hand on his long leg. “You ok?” he asked softly.
Stefan looked up at him, turning a deeper shade of red. “Hm? Oh yeah, yeah I’m fine… it’s just… well… it’s a place full of memories…” he trailed off.
Brian grinned dirtily. “What kind of memories?”
The tall man’s face was now bright crimson. “I… used to come here as a teenager, when, you know, when I started to feel different… Being alone allowed me to think freely, and I…” he took a deep breath “… had my first wank here as well…” he finished, looking anywhere but in Brian’s face which was now wearing the most dirty and evil look imaginable.
Brian giggled naughtily. “I bet you wished you had a boy here with you, and you would have done all kind of dirty things with him, uh? You big naughty boy…” he purred, crawling on all fours to rest on his knees between Stefan’s parted legs. “We can pretend we’re still teenagers… you know I kissed my first boy in the woods…” he whispered, only centimetres away from Stefan’s lips, his breath burning on the tall man’s skin.
Without warning, Brian threw himself at Stefan, landing on top of him, attacking his mouth. But as their bodies touched the floor, it made a rather worrying cracking noise, the floor moving slightly, causing both men to freeze mid-kiss. They broke away, looking at each other, grimacing before slowly, carefully, sitting up again, the floor creaking all the while.
“I… I think we’d better get out of here…” Brian whispered, as if the mere sound of his voice could make the house crash.
Stefan nodded and they crawled outside and to the ladder with slow movements, trying not to rush things in fear it would make things worst.

As their feet touched the ground, they looked at each other in relief for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.
“Ok, this is definitely not made for two grown-up men.” Brian laughed.
“You? Grown-up?” Stefan raised his eyebrow mockingly.
Brian just punched him on the shoulder gently before trotting to the shore, squatting to dip his fingertips in the water. He moved them in small circles, ripples troubling the water.
He stayed in that position for a while before turning back to Stefan who had moved to stand behind him.
“I just had the coolest of ideas,” Brian smiled up at him.
“Really?” Stefan asked in a sceptical tone.
Brian poked his tongue out at him before standing up.
“So, you’re gonna tell me?” Stefan pressed.
“Well, I thought that, seeing as the weather is quite nice and warm, we could spend the night outside…” Brian said, looking around him a bit.
Stefan looked at him with huge eyes. “Outside? You mean, like, here?”
Brian nodded, smiling softly. “Could be fun. We could come here with the small boat so we won’t have to carry everything here…” he grinned at the look on his boyfriend’s face, the word ‘lazy git’ written on his face. “So yeah, we could bring some food and blankets and make a camp fire, and then snuggle close when it gets cold…”
Brian had moved closer to Stefan, his eyes on his fingers which were playing with the material of Stefan’s shirt. He looked up to meet his eyes, a puppy dog look in his own.
“Please, I’ve never spent a night outside, under the stars…”
The tall man couldn’t do anything else but accept. “Of course we can do that sweetheart,” he smiled, cuddling the smaller man in his arms. “It’s a good idea, and to be honest, I was about to propose it myself.”
Brian beamed up at him. “You’re the best boyfriend a man could dream to have!!!” Brian raised on his tiptoes, circling Stefan’s neck with his arms, pulling him in a tight strangling hug. “Come on, let’s go back to your house so we can prepare everything.”
And with that they started to walk back the same way they came.

“You what?” Blaine exclaimed.
“We went to the tree house…” Brian repeated shyly.
“I can’t believe he took you there!” Blaine sighed in exasperation.
“Why, is that bad?” he asked, confused by the way he was looking at him.
“Yeah! It is!” Blaine snapped at him, causing him to take a step back.
“Blaine, calm down, it’s nothing, really.” Nicole intervened.
Her brother turned to look at her in horror. “Nothing? Nothing?!? We made a pact, do you remember?? A PACT!! Nobody, hear me? No-bo-dy apart from us had the right to go there!” he exclaimed loudly, turning to glare at Brian who was staring at him in shock.
“That was years ago Blaine, grow up for god’s sake, you didn’t even bother to go there since you were 14.” Nicole sighed, shaking her head.
“That’s no reason…” Blaine grumbled, throwing venomous looks at Brian.
“What’s going on? I heard someone yelling…” Stefan asked as he entered the room, a few blankets in his arms.
He looked at Blaine who was fuming, Nicole who was shaking her head and Brian who was looking deeply shocked, staring at Blaine. Stefan frowned and dropped the blankets on the kitchen table, his hands moving to his hips.
“What’s going on?” he repeated, a little bit more forcefully.
“Nothing.” Blaine snapped and stormed out of the kitchen.
Nicole sighed. “Brian was telling us about you taking him to the tree house, and your cousin went mad, reminding me that we had promised each other not to take anybody there…”
Stefan gaped at her, mouth open. “But… but that was ages ago, we were only kids when we made this promise… I didn’t think…”
“I know, but you know what he’s like…” she shrugged and turned to Brian, smiling at him softly. “Don’t mind him, he’s just an arse, really, he can be a nice guy, but sadly that’s rare.” She winked at him before following her brother out the door.
Stefan walked up to where Brian was standing, visibly shaken by all this, and he put his hand on the slightly shaking shoulder.
“Hey, don’t worry sweets, Nicole’s right, he can be a real bastard at times… but he can be cool as well.”
“He hates me…” Brian whispered, staring at the floor.
“Aww honey, he doesn’t hate you. How could he? You’re lovely.”
Brian gave a little laugh and smiled weakly up at Stefan who pulled him into a short hug.
“As I said, forget about him.” Stefan winked and went back to the table to pick up the blankets.

“Do we have everything now?” Brian asked as he put down the last basket in the small boat. “Any more and we’re gonna drown…”
“That’s all, yes,” Stefan confirmed as he joined Brian on the small wooden jetty, a piece of bread in his hands.
“What’s that?” Brian pointed to it.
Stefan brought it to his lips, faking to take a bite. “Lembas bread, one small bite is enough to feed the stomach of a grown-up man.” He finished with a laugh.
Brian giggled and shook his head. “You’re such a loon.”
“You love it, really.” The tall man poked his tongue out, putting the bread in one of the baskets.
“Hehe you know me too well.”
Stefan smiled. “Right, if you’re ready, get in the boat.”
Brian looked at it sceptically. “Err…”
“Alright alright, I’ll get in first.” Stefan stepped into the small boat and looked up at Brian. “See? It still floats, now come on.”
Brian put one foot inside. “Woooooo!!” he squealed as it started wobbling and he lost his balance, almost landing in the water. But Stefan was fast enough to catch his arm in time and pulled him close to him. They stayed still until the boat stopped moving and Brian sighed in relief before bursting out into a nervous laugh.
“I’ll just sit and keep still while you row, ok Steffie?” he smiled weakly and sat down slowly, gripping both edges of the boat hard as Stefan took the paddles and started rowing away from the shore.

Stefan stopped his movements as he noticed Brian’s knuckles had turned white as his grip on the edges of the small boat had increased. The small man’s jaw was clenched and he was staring right at Stefan’s chest, as if to try to convince himself they were not in the middle of a lake.
“Relax sweets, you look tense as fuck…” Stefan sighed.
Brian emitted a groan for only answer, not daring to move an inch.
“Brian, listen, you don’t risk anything, look…” he started squirming on his seat, causing the boat to pitch from left to right.
Brian let out a loud scream, letting go of the wood he was holding in shock. He stared at the man in front of him, a look of pure horror and disbelief on his face.
“Are you fucking insane??” he exclaimed in a high pitched voice.
Stefan wasn’t able to hide his grin and laughed. “Don’t be like that. I just want you to realise there’s no need to be scared, just relax and enjoy!”
“Enjoy what?? The fact that we can drown any second if you keep going like this?”
Stefan’s face grew serious. “You’re really scared?”
“Wow, 10 points for the Swede!” Brian cheered ironically.
“Brian, sweetheart, do you trust me?” he asked, looking right in the burning eyes in front of him.
Brian held the gaze, relaxing a little bit. He let out a sigh and nodded. “Yes, of course I do.” He eventually answered, in no more than a whisper.
“Then believe me when I say you’re gonna be just fine, there’s nothing to be scared of, my dad uses this boat every day and it’s in good shape, it won’t drown even if you jump in it, and if you do fall in the water, I’m here to get you, ok?”
Brian nodded again, smiling weakly at Stefan. “Sorry for yelling at you.”
“And I’m sorry for teasing you, I didn’t know you were serious.” Stefan smiled back.
“That’s ok.”
Stefan blew him a kiss before taking hold of the paddles again and they continued their way to the other side of the lake.

“Are you planning to stay there the whole afternoon?” Stefan asked as he stood next to Brian, looking down at him.
“Steeef, you’re hiding the sun from me.” Brian whined but didn’t move. He was lying on his back on the grass, a few metres away from the water, arms folded under the back of his head, his eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face.
“Oh sorry.” Stefan laughed and took a step to the left, allowing the sun to bath his lover’s face again.
“And the answer is yes, I don’t see why I’d move from here, I feel very good thank you.”
“Aww but I had plans…” Stefan pouted, sitting down on his heels next to Brian, causing the latter to open one eye.
“Plans? What kind of plans?”
“Well, I thought we could go swim a bit, just you and me…” Stefan trailed off, a small grin forming on his face.
“Ergh…” Brian grimaced, his other eye opening as well as he sat up. “In there??” he nodded to the lake.
“Well, yes… where else you dummy?”
Brian poked his tongue out, but the grimace didn’t leave his face. “I… dunno…”
“Why not? It’s not that cold…”
“I know but… but…”
“Bri?” Stefan frowned.
“I don’t like lakes Stef, it’s full of creepy crawly things and fish and plants and stuff, and you can’t see the bottom…” Brian admitted in a small voice.
“Oh…” Stefan looked kinda disappointed.
“But that doesn’t mean you can’t go…” Brian quickly added, feeling a bit bad as he saw the look on his boyfriend’s face.
Stefan only shrugged. “Nah, it’s not fun if you’re not with me. Unless…” A grin appeared on his lips and he giggled. “You could come with me… with the small boat!”
Brian’s eyes opened wide, as well as his mouth. “I… what?”
Stefan nodded encouragingly. “Please? You don’t have to go in the water, just stay on the boat while I swim around, to keep me company…” he pouted, giving his best imitation of Brian’s own puppy eyes.
The small man sighed and laughed. “Ok ok.”

An hour later, Stefan was swimming on his back, observing Brian. The latter was lying in the small boat, his legs hanging off the edge, feet wriggling in the water. He was reading a book and seemed really absorbed in it.
Stefan swam around the boat until he was next to Brian’s head which was resting on the other edge. He sank further in the water, letting some water invade his mouth before spitting it on Brian’s head.
Brian brought his hand to his head, waving it as if to push away any fly that could have been there, his eyes not leaving the white pages.
Stefan stifled a giggle and did it again, this time a bit closer and more forcefully, a few droplets reaching the reading man’s face.
“What the fuck?” he exclaimed, touching his forehead before squirming in the boat, turning to try and find where it had come from. “Stef, I know it’s you…” But Stefan was nowhere to be seen.
Brian turned his head in every direction, putting the book down and getting on his knees, looking all around him for his boyfriend, hand pressed against his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun as he scrutinised the water and shore.
“Stef?” he asked in a small voice, worry creeping in him and churning his stomach. “Stef??” he called a bit louder. “Come on Stef, that’s not funny…” he kept searching the water with his eyes.
He let out a squeal as something bumped into the small boat and once again he clutched at the edges of it to make sure he wouldn’t fall in the dark water. The thing bumped in the wood again, causing fear to appear on Brian’s face.
He stayed still, dreading another ‘attack’ from the giant squid his overactive mind had already pictured living in the bottom of the lake. But as nothing seemed to come, he relaxed slightly. He suddenly heard a small splashing noise at the front of the boat. He crawled to there, peeking over the edge and shrieked as a big pink thing emerged from the water with a loud ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh’. Brian stumbled backwards, falling flat on his arse, the small boat pitching madly.
A loud and familiar laugh followed immediately and as Brian recovered enough from his fright to open his eyes, Stefan was there in front of him, his arms on the edge of the boat, his chin resting on them, grinning and laughing, seeming overly pleased with himself.
“Stefan you fuckwit!!!” Brian spat, glaring at him, getting another fit of laughter in reply. “That was not funny!!! You fucking scared me you… you… gaaah” Brian dropped his head on his knees that were pulled up to his chest, breathing heavily.
Stefan swam to his side, once more resting his arms on the edge of the boat.
“Aww, I scared you? I’m sorry…” but you could tell he sounded anything but sorry.
“My arse you’re sorry…” Brian mumbled. “I thought you had drown and all you think of doing is scaring the crap out of me even more.” He pouted, shrugging Stefan’s hand off his shoulder.
“I’m sorry sweets,” Stefan replied, still not able to wipe the huge grin off his face. “But… hahaha… you should have seen the look on your face when I came out of the water, hahaha, it was like you had just seen the monster of the Loch Ness or something.” Stefan laughed, poking his lover’s side.
Brian just grumbled in reply, promising himself he wouldn’t admit something similar had crossed his mind.

The sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains as they made their way back to the shore, Stefan having joined Brian in the small boat a few hours ago.
Brian jumped out of the boat as it touched the grass, holding in a sigh of relief in being back on the earth. He put both his hands on his tummy and turned to Stefan with a sheepish smile.
“I’m hungry.”
Stefan gave a little laugh. “Let me change first and then we can make the fire.” He moved to where he had left his clothes and started lowering his swim shorts, his back to Brian. He stopped suddenly and turned his head back to look at his lover who was eyeing his arse, obviously eager to see more. “Actually… you could look around to see if you can find some twigs and branches for the fire…” he tried not to smirk as Brian’s expression turned from excited to shocked.
“What? You want me to miss that?” he asked, outraged, pointing at Stefan’s arse and his clothes.
“Brian honey, I thought you were hungry.” He held in a laugh.
“But… Mmph fine!” Brian pouted and walked away to the woods.
Stefan laughed softly and removed his shorts and, even if he pretended not to be, he was well aware of Brian peeking from behind a tree and not missing a thing. He teased him by being slow and swaying his hips slightly, bending down to pick up his clothes and slowly slipping into them.
“So, did you find some wood?” he asked innocently.
A cracking noise could be heard followed by a curse, a mumble and a ruffling sound and finally Brian emerged from behind the trees, clutching a few twigs in his fists. His face turned a pale shade of red when he let them fall on the ground in front of Stefan who raised an eyebrow, biting his lip to suppress his laughter.
“Is that all?” he asked, faking surprise.
Brian mumbled something incomprehensible, looking at his feet.
“What was that?”
“I’m not an expert in camp fire thing and all…” Brian repeated feebly.
“Mhmm, you’re indeed a better peeping tom than boy scout.” Stefan laughed finally, encouraged by the look of surprise on Brian’s face as well as the deep crimson colouring his cheeks. “I’m not dumb sweets, and discretion is not your thing, you should know that by now.” He winked and Brian poked out his tongue playfully, grinning.

“So, how do you make that… fire… thing?” Brian looked at the circle of stone, perplexed.
“Brian, you’re so crap at camping!” Stefan laughed, shaking his head.
“Hey! I’m a city kid! It’s not my fault…” Brian pouted.
“You put the branches inside the circle of stones in a kind of hut thing and the twigs inside it, then light a sheet of this newspaper I have there and set the twigs on fire.” Stefan explained.
“Ahh ok… Hang on! When you say ‘you’, you mean… me?!” Brian grimaced.
“Yes, you, it’s about time you learn all this, might be useful one day.” Stefan replied and winked.
“Why would I need to know how to do it since you’ll always be by my side?”
For a second, Stefan thought he saw a flicker of fear in his boyfriend’s eyes and he smiled tenderly. “Of course I will sweetheart.”
Brian smiled back. “Then you can take care of this and the future camp fires…” he grinned, poking his tongue out and walking to the baskets, rummaging in them to see what they’d have for dinner.
Stefan watched him for a minute, a loving smile on his face before he went to prepare and light the fire.

One hour later, they had finished to eat, Brian sticking every kind of food he had found into the fire just for the hell of it, just ‘to see what would happen’ he said. This had resulted in a good amount of cheese spreading all over the red embers, as well as bread setting on fire, almost burning Brian’s hand.
They were now sat close to each other, each of them a pick in the hand, a marshmallow on the end, the flames licking at the sugar, making it melt into an amber-like caramel.
Brian pressed himself against Stefan’s side and brought his marshmallow to his lover’s lips.
“Open your mouth for the tshoo tshoo!” he giggled as Stefan took the sweet in his mouth. He smiled and imitated Brian’s gesture with his own.
A bit of caramel smeared on Brian’s lips who brought his tongue out to lick it off.
“Don’t!” Stefan smiled. “Let me…”
Brian grinned, blushing softly as Stefan leant close, slowly. Stefan brought his tongue out, flicking it at the droplet slowly running down Brian’s lip and chin, then pulled away, licking at his own lips and moaning softly at the sweet taste spreading in his mouth.
Brian leant forward, eager to meet his lover’s soft lips, but Stefan drew back slightly, smirking, then moved back close to Brian, pulling back each time the small man was trying to make contact.
Brian let out a small frustrated whimper and looked at Stefan with big pleading eyes and his cutest pout.
“Stay still,” Stefan breathed, his lips almost touching the pout.
He brought his tongue out again and this time traced Brian’s lips with the tip, eliciting another whimper, this one more needy than the first one. He could feel Brian’s hot breath tickling his lips as it was coming out as light pants, turning him on. He didn’t wait anymore and slipped his tongue past Brian’s lips, the latter welcoming him enthusiastically.
Their tongues caressed each other for a while before starting to fight as things became more heated, Brian’s hands finding their way under Stefan’s top, the bassist’s hands imitating Brian’s gesture.
Brian broke the kiss with a moan and looked up at his lover.
“Did you ever make love on a beach?” he whispered, trying to slow down his breathing, but failing miserably.
Stefan shook his head and smiled at him.
“Wanna try?” This time Stefan nodded and let himself be gently pushed down on the blanket laid on the ground.
Brian lay down next to him, sliding one leg over Stefan’s, his hands not leaving the warmth of Stefan’s chest. He attached his lips back to the Swede’s and they shared a more slow and passionate kiss, fumbling with each other’s clothes, eventually getting rid of both tops.
They moaned in unison as their chests made contact, pressing together, soft skin caressing soft skin, hard nipples rubbing against hard nipples.
They lost all kind of control that could have remained after this. It all became a fumbling of hands, lips, tongues and teeth before two cries resonated in the silent night, causing a few birds to fly away.
Brian giggled as he heard the sound of leaves and wings and fell back down next to his boyfriend, both panting heavily, silly satisfied grins on both their faces. He turned on his side to face Stefan whose legs were still spread apart. He seemed to be lost in bliss. Brian laughed and rested his head on his lover’s chest, cuddling up close to him. He let his fingers stroke the skin of the taught stomach and smiled happily.
Stefan slowly came back to his senses and he pulled the small sleepy form in a tight hug after putting another blanket over the both of them. He looked at the stars above them, losing himself in them and listening to Brian’s breathing slow down and get more regular. Stefan stroked the dark hair and kissed it before his eyes fell closed and he joined his lover in his dreams.

Brian woke up with a start at the sound of wood cracking not far away into the forest. He sat up and looked around him, trying to localise the source of the sound but it was too dark, the moonlight not reaching past the trees. Wood cracked again, this time closer and Brian felt his stomach sink and his heartbeat fasten.
“Stef,” he whispered, gently shaking the sleeping man’s shoulder, his eyes not leaving the trees, but he didn’t get any reaction. “Steeef,” he called a bit louder, shaking him harder and Stefan eventually opened his mouth.
“What?” he groaned sleepily.
“There are weird noises in the forest…” Brian whispered and jumped slightly as the cracking was even closer now. “Hear?”
“Mmm that’s just the trees,” Stefan replied and turned on his side to fall back asleep.
But Brian didn’t lay off. “It’s not, it’s coming closer!!” he murmured. “Stef, what if it’s a bear or something?”
“Don’t be stupid.”
“But it could be…” Brian pressed on, fear appearing in his voice.
Stefan sighed and sat up, looking at Brian. “Listen, bears live in the mountains, they wouldn’t come that close from a lake and houses, ok?” he said softly.
Brian nodded, but he couldn’t take his glance away from the trees, his eyes still trying to pierce the darkness. Stefan wrapped an arm around his narrow shoulders and pulled him close in a comforting hug. Just then the wood cracked from just behind them, making the both of them jump.
“Ok, I’ll go see what it is.” Stefan got up and slipped into his trousers and shoes.
“Are you sure it’s safe?” Brian asked, biting his lip.
“Uhm yeah, don’t worry.” Stefan smiled reassuringly and started to walk to the edge of the forest.
And just as he was getting near the trees, there was a ruffle of leaves and branches and right in front of him appeared a fawn.
Stefan froze and gaped at it, and behind him Brian let out a shriek of excitement, quickly getting dressed and joining Stefan.
“Aww my god!! Isn’t it cute?! Hello lovely Bambi!!” He grinned, reaching out to gently stroke the animal but Stefan grabbed his wrist just as he was about to touch the fur. Brian looked at him, puzzled.
“Why not?” Brian frowned. “I’m not gonna hurt him…”
“I know you’re not, but if he smells like humans, then his mum won’t take him back, ‘cause she’ll think she’s in danger.”
Brian’s jaw dropped. “You’re serious?” Stefan nodded. Brian’s face fell and he looked at the animal sadly. “Aww poor Bambi, I wouldn’t like him to lose his mummy…”
Stefan laughed softly and ruffled Brian’s hair. “Come on, we gotta find a way to make ‘Bambi’ go back into the forest.” He grinned and Brian pouted at him.
He found a long stick on the ground and used it to gently push the fawn in the darkness, away from them and the fire that had attracted him in the first place.
They watched him walk away and disappear and Brian let out a small sigh, not following Stefan as the tall man started to walk back to the shore.
“Brian? You’re coming?” he giggled as his boyfriend didn’t seem to hear him and walked back to him, wrapped his arms around the small waist and threw him on his shoulder, carrying back to where they were sleeping just a few minutes earlier.
“Do you think I could have a Bambi as a pet?” Brian asked seriously as he sat down on the blanket.
Stefan raised his eyebrow before laughing. “Where would you put him? In your apartment in London?” Brian shrugged. “He wouldn’t be happy there…”
“Yeah I know, you’re right…” he sighed again.
They were silent for a moment. “I’m not sleepy anymore,” Brian added, grinning up at Stefan who sat beside him.
“What should I understand?” Stefan grinned back.
Brian’s gaze dropped to his boyfriend’s still bare chest and he licked at his lips, smirking dirtily before looking back up. Stefan laughed and almost threw himself at Brian, pinning him down to the blanket for a second session.







Every Sky Is Blue - Day Five
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: [info]j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

When they woke up the morning after, the sun had disappeared behind thick and dark grey clouds.
“Shit!” Stefan exclaimed and jumped on his feet and in his clothes and started gathering all their belongings and food and quickly stuffed it all back in bags and basket.
Brian looked at him, puzzled. “What the hell?” he mumbled, still half asleep. “You’re in a hurry?” he asked, confused as to why his boyfriend seemed so impatient to leave.
Stefan threw his clothes at Brian. “Get dressed, quick.”
Brian frowned and pulled the blanket off him, taking his time to put his clothes on.
“Come on Brian, hurry up, unless you wanna get soaked.”
Brian raised an eyebrow and looked up at the sky. “Ooooh…” he exclaimed, finally catching up on what Stefan was about and just then the clouds thundered.
They carried everything back to the small boat, running as the sky looked more and more menacing.
“We might get lucky and get home before it starts raining,” Stefan said hopefully as he started rowing, Brian keeping his fingers crossed.
But as they were halfway there, the clouds thundered again, the sky lightening and the rain started pouring down on them, soaking them in no time.
“Faster!!” Brian whined.
“Fuck off!!! I do what I can since you’re not helping at all!!!” Stefan exclaimed, annoyed.
Brian grimaced but didn’t reply.
A few minutes later they reached the wooden jetty behind the house and Brian jumped out of the boat and started running towards the door.
“Brian?! Where the fuck are you going!?!” Stefan yelled after him, making him stop and turn back. “Come and help me for fuck’s sake!!” he gestured at all the things in the boat.
“Shit, sorry.” Brian apologised as he ran back to Stefan and together they carried the bags and baskets into the more than welcoming house.

“Oh my god, here you are, I was so worried!” Agneta exclaimed as she walked in the kitchen after hearing the sound of the door. “Poor darlings, you’re soaked. I hope you didn’t catch a cold, are you feeling ok?” she quickly asked, already pulling at their wet clothes to take them off.
“Mum,” Stefan complained, “it’s ok, we’re fine, we were under the rain for only a few minutes, don’t worry!”
“I do worry, you’re so sensitive, you get ill for nothing!”
Stefan sighed and sneezed, blushing as he just proved his mother’s point.
“Right, upstairs, now, you take those clothes off and have a nice hot bath, ok?” she told her son firmly.
Stefan nodded and walked towards the stairs and Brian looked from him to his mother a few times before following him, blushing as well as he thought his boyfriend’s mother probably knew there wouldn’t be one boy in the bathtub but two.

“Your mum’s right, you know, I do feel better now.” Brian giggled as they entered Stefan’s bedroom after a long relaxing bath.
Stefan pouted down at him. “You’re supposed to take my side, not hers.”
Brian poked his tongue out and wrapped his arms around Stefan’s waist, cuddling up against his bare chest. He placed a kiss on his sternum before looking up at him.
“Stef, it’s cold and I have no clothes… and no, there’s no way I’m wearing yours!” he added as Stefan’s eyes moved to his wardrobe.
The taller man laughed. “Alright, we can take my dad’s car and go to town and buy you some clothes if you want.”
Brian smiled. “Brilliant! … Shit, what am I gonna wear until then?” he grimaced and Stefan smirked maliciously as he walked to his wardrobe, pulling out an old bottle green jumper and he burst out laughing at the look on his lover’s face.
“No way… no, Stef no, just… no.”
“Think about it Bri, it’s either that or one of your sleeveless tops.”
“So you’re asking me to choose between looking ridiculous and freezing? You’re so mean.” Brian pouted. “Why can’t I just have one of the jumpers you brought with you from London?”
“Cause that would be no fun!” Stefan laughed and ruffled Brian’s hair.
Brian pulled away sulkily and went to have a look inside the wardrobe. “If I’m gonna wear one of those, I’d rather choose it myself then…” he said, hoping to find something that wouldn’t look like out of the 30’s.
He eventually found a deep purple sweater and put it on, grimacing a bit as it reached mid-thighs and the sleeves were covering his hands, the collar hanging off one of his milk white shoulders.
He noticed Stefan blush as he looked at him and he smirked a little.
“You like seeing me in your old clothes, don’t you?” he bit his lip playfully and stepped closer to a gulping Stefan. “It makes you think back to when you were a teenager… what it’d have been like if you had me then…” he purred, delighted by the deep red covering his lover’s cheeks.
Stefan cleared his throat and laughed nervously. “Get ready you evil dwarf, stop trying to make me horny, will you?”
Brian winked and went to put on a pair of jeans and some light summer shoes. He looked at them and then at Stefan. “I think I need shoes too…” he grinned sheepishly.
Stefan sighed and shook his head playfully and dragged his boyfriend out the door.

“What about this? And that? Oooh or this one!!! Stef, which one do you prefer?”
What was supposed to be a quick trip to the shops had turned into a full three hours shopping session with Brian picking up every single item he liked to shove them under Stefan’s nose, expecting him to give him his opinion. Now Stefan usually enjoyed shopping a lot, but with Brian, it always ended up being hell.
Stefan sighed and shrugged, answering without even looking at the clothes in Brian’s hands. “Uhm, this one…” he pointed in the vague direction of something red.
Brian nodded, putting down the other two and ran to the cabins to try it on only to come back a few seconds later to ask Stefan’s opinion about trousers.
He eventually dragged the poor Swede to the cabins with him and made him sit on a conveniently placed chair before pulling the curtain closed after him.
And when he opened it again, and called Stefan’s name to make him look up, the tall man just had to gasp and gape.
Brian looked incredibly sexy in his new outfit. Stefan had involuntarily picked tight black flaring jeans, looking slightly worn out, and a very tight deep red jumper with V-neck, sticking to Brian’s girlish body and stopping inches above the waistband of the jeans, teasingly allowing Stefan’s eyes access to a small bit of the soft milky white skin.
Brian grinned and cocked his head at the look on his lover’s face.
“You ok?” he asked, amused.
“Hm? Uh yeah…” Stefan replied hoarsely and had to clear his throat before continuing. He got up and walked to Brian, smiling at him. “You look stunning baby.”
Brian smiled sweetly. “That’s thanks to you, it was your choice of clothes.”
Stefan blushed slightly and Brian raised on his tiptoes to plant a kiss on his soft red cheek. He pulled back and grinned.
“I do need more clothes, you know…” he laughed, well aware of the effect shopping had on his lover. “But if you keep on helping me, it’ll go fast.” He winked.
Stefan faked annoyance before grinning back. “Alright, so you stay in here trying those on,” he pointed at the other pair of jeans in the cabin, “and I’ll go find you something, ok? I’ll be quick.”
Brian nodded in agreement and grabbed his neck, pressing his lips softly to the ones of his boyfriend before letting him go.

Stefan was looking through the jumper and sweater section of the shop when a somewhat familiar voice called out his name.
“Stefan? Stefan Olsdal?”
Stefan turned in the direction of the voice only to see someone hurrying in his direction, a huge grin plastered on his face.
“Gab?” Stefan gasped in surprise.
The guy stood in front of him, nodding frantically and they fell in each other’s arms.
“Fucking hell!! It’s been so long since I last saw you!! When was it?? Just after we finished college, right?”
“The day you left for London, yeah…” Gabriel confirmed, a sad tone in his voice.
“Christ…” Stefan shook his head in disbelief then grinned happily at the man standing in front of him as they started sharing stories about everything that happened to them during the last decade.

Brian sighed as he stared at his watch. Stefan had gone 20 minutes ago, saying he’d be quick. He started to feel quite annoyed, thinking that maybe it was Stefan’s revenge for dragging him from shop to shop for 3 hours. But then he realised that wasn’t like Stefan to do such a thing and his annoyance turned into worry.
He walked out of the cabin, stopping after a few steps as people stared at him and he blushed deeply when he remembered he was only wearing a pair of blue jeans. He suddenly felt very naked and hurried back to the cabin to slip into the red jumper from earlier.
He then wandered back out, barefoot, and walked around the shop, turning his head in every direction in the hope of spotting his beloved Steffy.
He eventually found him leaning against a shelf full of sweaters, talking, gesturing and laughing with another man. Brian frowned as he stepped closer and realised they were speaking swedish. Must be one of his friends, Brian thought and blushed at the idea of meeting one of Stefan’s friends. He stopped, hesitating for a second, and turned back, ready to head back to the cabin when he heard Stef’s voice behind him.
He turned back, blushed harder and smiled shyly. Stefan motioned to him to join them. Brian took a deep breath and padded to them. He stopped, standing next to Stefan, but not too close. After all, he had no idea whether or not this guy knew about Stefan being gay and he didn’t want to cause him any trouble. Then again, the amount of make up on his face as well as his long hair might be enough for that.
He startled as he felt Stefan’s arm snake around his waist, pulling him closer.
“Bri, honey, this is Gab!” Stefan exclaimed as if Brian was supposed to know who it was. “I mean Gabriel,” he giggled.
“Hi,” Brian said in a shy voice and smiled confusedly as he didn’t get any more information about the guy. “Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too Brian, Stef here told me loads about you, well, as much as he could in 5 minutes.”
“5?” Brian asked, confused. “You’ve been gone for 20 minutes…” he frowned at Stefan whose eyes opened wide.
“Really? Wow! It went fast!” he laughed and Gabriel joined him.
Brian decided that whoever this guy was, he didn’t like him, and even less the way he was looking at him. What was it that he could see in those bright blue eyes? Jealousy?
“So how do you know Stef?” he asked, his tone slightly colder than before.
Gabriel faked to be shocked and hurt as he looked at Stefan. “What?!” he exclaimed playfully, “You never told him about me? I’m really disappointed.”
Stefan and him laughed again and Brian felt the urge to shove his fist in the guy’s face.
“Stefan and I went out at college, I was his first boyfriend, and he was mine as well,” Gabriel explained and winked at Brian as if to say ‘hear? I was there before you!’
Brian looked at Stefan who was still grinning at Gabriel, but the arm holding him close was somewhat reassuring him that his boyfriend hadn’t totally forgotten about him.
“Oh, and why did you break up?” Brian asked Gabriel mercilessly.
This time Stefan turned to him, throwing him a look of ‘oi, don’t be such a bitch!’ which made Brian blush immediately. But Gabriel answered anyway, hostility flashing in his eyes.
“Stefan had to leave to London, and I couldn’t follow him…”
Stefan looked away and let go of Brian, visibly annoyed by the way the conversation was taking.
“So, are you done trying those on?” he asked, turning back to him.
“Well, yeah, I was just waiting for you to bring me more clothes… remember?” Brian raised an eyebrow, trying hard to ignore the satisfied smirk appearing on Gabriel’s face.
“Oh yeah right, sorry I forgot,” he smiled sheepishly. “I guess I’d better start looking for some then.” He turned to Gabriel. “Gab, I’m sorry but we gotta get moving, it’s been 3 hours since we’re in here and the little one only found one jumper.” He laughed and shook his head.
“Aww Stef, it’s been years! You can’t leave just now!” Gabriel exclaimed, looking at him pleadingly and Brian rolled his eyes.
“Well, I…” Stefan hesitated, his gaze going from Gabriel to Brian to Gabriel etc…
“Come on, I’m not alone here, Erik, Elias and Annika are here too, you just have to come and say hello!!” Gabriel insisted.
“But I promised Brian I’d help him to find clothes…”
“He’s a big boy, he can do that on his own,” Gabriel replied, hiding the nasty grin that was insistent on creeping on his lips.
Brian stared at him with big eyes, not believing his own eyes and he turned to Stefan, doing his best not to adopt his usual pout and puppy eyes, not wanting to lower himself to that to win over Gabriel. It was obvious Stefan wanted to see his old friends, and who was Brian to deny him that.
He sighed and looked away. “Yeah, I can, just go meet your friends.” He said in a small voice, his eyes fixing on Stefan’s again.
Stefan smiled down at him. “Alright then, but you’re coming with me.”
“I…” Brian hesitated but Stefan stopped him with a shake of his head.
“Bri, honey, there’s no way I’m leaving you here on your own. You know I wouldn’t,” he smiled softly. “Plus I’d like you to meet my friends… if you want to, that is.”
Brian blushed and couldn’t stop a smile to form on his lips. “I… If you want, yes, ok, I’d love to.”
Stefan laughed softly at the total cuteness of the man he loved and he reached out to ruffle his hair and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.
They heard someone clearing their throat and they remembered they weren’t alone.
“Sorry,” Stefan blushed, not noticing the slightly annoyed and envious look on Gabriel’s face who quickly hid it with a fake smile, but not quickly enough for Brian’s eyes. The small man bit his lip not to smirk in victory.
“OK, let’s go then, shall we?”

The three of them walked out of the shop after paying for the clothes, and Brian had decided he’d wear his new outfit right then instead of Stefan’s old oversized sweater. He was clutching the bag handle tightly in his hand, the other squeezing Stefan’s. He could feel them getting moist with anxiety at the idea of meeting his boyfriend’s old friends.
The thing was, he knew what kind of people Stefan had for friends at the time, he had all the time to while they went to school in Luxembourg, and they usually were his worst enemies. Then again, it was quite a surprise to hear that the Swede had a boyfriend back then, and he found himself wondering why Stefan never told him about Gabriel.
Stefan pulled him out of his mind wanderings by giving a gentle squeeze to the small hand inside his.
“Relax baby,” he whispered and Brian felt grateful for his words, and even more for the sound of his voice.
Brian looked at him and smiled, taking a deep breath and sighing right after, as if to give him a little bit of courage. He was glad he decided to wear his new clothes and his hair didn’t look too bad today, looking pretty always helped his ego and increased his self confidence.
“There we are,” Gabriel cut through the silence and pointed at a small café at the corner of a street.
They went in, and almost immediately a group of people exploded in cheers and Stefan broke into a wide grin. Not letting go of Brian’s hand for a second, he followed Gabriel to the table where three of his old friends were and sat down with them.
“And who is this charming man?” Annika asked curiously at the first blank in the conversation, nodding to Brian.
Stefan blushed as he realised he had forgotten to introduce him and smiled apologetically to Brian who hadn’t uttered a single word.
“This is Brian, my boyfriend,” Stefan replied proudly and wrapped one arm around his narrow shoulders. Brian blushed as well and smiled shyly.
“Ohh, you seem to have quite a weakness for pretty boys Stef…” Annika winked, glancing at Gabriel who was sitting at the other end of the table. “Anyway, nice to meet you Brian. I’m Annika, and this is Erik, and Elias,” she explained, pointing at the two twins chatting with Gabriel. “We know Stef since he was only a little boy, don’t we Stef?” she grinned evilly. “I still remember him paddling naked in my swimming pool!”
Brian laughed at that, feeling himself relax as Annika kept on telling him stories from their childhood and he was glad she was there to help him ignore Gabriel’s and the twins’ intense gazes fixated on him.
But unfortunately, he was left alone as she had to go home, going out of the café after hugging Stefan and Brian for at least five minutes each.
Brian sighed as he sat back down and it’s then that he noticed that Gabriel had moved to Stefan’s other side and was leaning rather close to him, his hand on Stefan’s arm and with Erik and Elias, the four of them were speaking swedish.
Brian groaned inwardly as none of them noticed that and he sank back in his chair; trying hard to get a few words of their conversation, knowing very well he couldn’t understand swedish at all.
He tried everything he could think of to catch his boyfriend’s attention, from clearing his throat to squirming on his chair to sighing heavily several times, to no avail. Stefan seemed too absorbed in the conversation, and, unless he was being paranoid again, Brian was sure the three men were doing everything they could to keep Stefan focused on them.
‘Ha!’ Brian thought, ‘if they think I’m gonna let them do…’
He stopped a small smirk from forming on his lips and discreetly put his hand on Stefan’s knee, squeezing it softly before moving his hand up his thigh.
He felt Stefan jump slightly and oh victory! he turned to him at last, and he was grinning.
“Hey you…” he glanced down at his boyfriend’s hand dangerously close to somewhere it really shouldn’t be in such a public place and laughed as he looked back up in his lover’s sweet and innocent face.
“Hey,” Brian smiled back, “you know, I don’t understand swedish…” he trailed off, hoping Stefan would finally get the point.
“Oh! Sorry!” he exclaimed and started laughing, shaking his head as he glanced at his friends and back at Brian. “Sorry hun, I didn’t even realise I was speaking swedish… why didn’t you say anything sooner?”
Brian shrugged, deciding not to tell he had been trying to make him understand ever since Annika had left, which was now over half an hour ago. He just smiled and blushed slightly.
“Oh Brian,” Stefan giggled and pulled him in a gentle hug, “it’s not like you to be so shy… you ok?” he eventually asked, noticing Brian’s unusual quiet self.
“Yeah, sure,” Brian forced a smile which didn’t seem to be convincing enough since Stefan’s arm tightened around him, pulling him even closer and into a deep tender kiss.
Brian sighed in the kiss and slid his own arms around the tall man’s waist, snuggling into his chest and feeling that happy, warm and fuzzy sensation back in his stomach. He felt stupid for thinking that Stefan could forget about him or think about someone else, he was his, his Steffie and he was more than happy to be.
He smiled sweetly as Stefan pulled away and they laughed softly, blushing like two teenage boys who’d just shared their first kiss.

But as Brian soon noticed, Gabriel wasn’t ready to give up that easily. As he came back from the toilets, he saw Gabriel had moved so close to Stefan that he was nearly sitting on his lap.
Brian groaned inwardly, gritting his teeth. He was fuming, but at the same time, his old bitchy self was hiding deep inside him, refusing to show up, and he was left all shy and unsure, and very confused by such unusual feelings for him.
“Hey baby, you’re back,” Stefan looked up at him, his face red and wearing an expression Brian couldn’t read, same for the tone in his voice. Could it be embarrassment? Guilt? Oh god Brian, don’t go back there, he thought with another groan and, sighing, he made his way back to the table, silently sitting down next to Stefan. He focused his attention on his coffee, stirring it with his spoon, trying hard to ignore Gabriel’s hand stroking Stefan’s forearm.
He couldn’t help throwing a very bitter glance to the two of them though. Stefan didn’t notice, but Gabriel did. And he smirked, moving his hand higher up Stefan’s arm who squirmed slightly, blushing a deeper red.
Stefan threw a pleading glance at Brian, hoping for his boyfriend to say something, anything, that would make Gabriel stop, this was getting very embarrassing, and he didn’t want Brian to get any wrong ideas. But his face fell as he saw the look on Brian’s face, and he immediately knew what was in his lover’s mind. Brian was scared of losing him, and for some reason, that was stopping him from intervening. So he got up, dragging Gabriel with him out of the cafe.
Brian gaped at them, feeling his eyes burn. Not going to cry, not going to cry, he thought as he noticed the twins’ eyes on him.
Outside, Stefan looked down at Gabriel, a frown on his face.
“Can you tell me what the hell you’re up to?”
“Hm? What do you mean?” Gabriel asked with an innocent smile and Stefan sighed.
“You know exactly what I mean Gab, the way you sit so close to me, and touch me and stuff…”
“Stef, unlike you, I didn’t forget you that easily…” Gabriel replied, somewhat unsure if it was a good idea to admit the truth.
“That’s unfair, you don’t know how long it took me, but anyway, what does it have to do with… hang on, what are you saying?” his eyes opened wide and it was Gabriel’s turn to sigh.
“Well, you know…” he looked down at his feet, showing a shyness Stefan had never seen on him before. “Seeing you today made me realise I never totally forgot about you… I still like you Stef…”
“But… you don’t even know me! I mean, we haven’t seen each other for more than 10 years, I’ve changed, a lot, and so have you…”
“No, in many ways you stayed the same…” he took a step closer, his hand once more on Stefan’s arm, his face tilted up to look in his eyes, dangerously close, so close that Brian who was watching them through the window thought they’d get together for a kiss.
“I like you Stef…” Gabriel repeated, leaning in.
“No!” Stefan exclaim, as if coming back to his senses and he stepped backwards, holding up his hands as if to protect himself. “No, I’m sorry Gab, but I can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“Why? I can’t believe you’re asking this. Brian’s right behind this window Gab, watching us, and before you even suggest it, no I’m not going anywhere with you. I love him Gab, please understand that, it’s not against you, I just love him so much that I’ll never let myself do anything that could hurt him, never ever…”
“But if he wasn’t here, would you come with me?” Gabriel asked in a small voice.
“I…” Stefan hesitated.
“If he and you weren’t a couple…would you?” he pressed on, almost pleading now.
“But we are a couple, Gab, I’m sorry…” Stefan shook his head. “I’m sorry,” he repeated and squeezed Gabriel’s shoulder as he walked past him and back into the café.
As he reached the table, Brian looked up at him, a mixture of interrogation, apprehension, fear and confusion in his eyes.
Stefan smiled down at him and ran a hand in his black locks. “Come on honey, I think we’d better go now…”
Brian nodded, still not saying a word and after a small talk and goodbye hug with the twins, they left the café and a very sad and bitter looking Gabriel behind them.

They were walking for about 5 minutes in complete silence when Stefan finally stopped and turned to Brian who looked back at him, expressionless.
Stefan sigh inwardly. “Are you ok love?”
Brian nodded and started walking again but Stefan quickly caught his wrist.
“Wait… Brian, honey, I can tell you’re not, talk to me please?”
Brian frowned. “I’m fine, honest…” he said quietly, not sounding very convincing.
“Bri, come on, it’s not like you to be so quiet… You usually turn into a complete bitch when someone gets too close to your belongings…” he grinned, but didn’t manage to lighten up Brian’s mood, who shrugged helplessly and looked at his feet.
Stefan frowned in concern and cupped his lover’s chin in his hand, lifting his face only to meet two big teary green eyes.
“Aww sweetheart, come here…” Stefan sighed and pulled Brian to him, hugging him tightly, his hands gently stroking his hair and back, his lips pressing against his forehead.
Brian was tense in his arms, fighting back his emotions and tears but Stefan’s sweet kisses and caresses made him give in and tears started to fall down his cheeks, dying on Stefan’s shoulders and the small shaking body eventually relaxed in the hug.
He pulled away after a while, sniffing and wiping his face. He grimaced as he looked down at his hands which were now covered with smeared mascara.
Stefan reached out to run his thumbs over Brian’s cheeks, wiping away both tears and make-up and he smile comfortingly.
Brian smiled back weakly. “Sorry,” he whispered, sounding like a lost child.
“Shh there’s no reason to be… now are you please gonna tell me what’s going on, hun?”
Once again, Brian shrugged, sighing as Stefan’s fingers softly stroked his cheek.
“I’m just so scared I’ll lose you one day,” he blurted out all of a sudden, surprising both himself and Stefan who stared at him in shock. “I mean,” he quickly continued after seeing the look on his boyfriend’s face, “I know you love me Steffie, but… I dunno… I dunno what was with Gab… I just didn’t dare to say anything ‘cause you might have chosen him instead of me…” his voice choked in his throat and he looked away.
But Stefan immediately locked their gazes again, a hint of hurt present in his eyes. “You know I wouldn’t…” he whispered.
“I know, I do, I’m sorry…” Brian swallowed hard and bit his lip. “It’s just… you and he used to be a couple, he was your first boyfriend, the first one to really matter, since he didn’t seem to be just a fling… So… uhm…” Brian ran his fingers through his hair, trying to find his words. “Why didn’t you tell me about him Stef?” he suddenly asked. “I’ve known you for over ten years and you never mentioned him, not even once… Why?”
“Because…” Stefan blushed, hesitated for a second before staring right in Brian’s eyes. “Because I was so hopelessly in love with you from the day I met you in South Kensington that I didn’t want to take the risk of losing your interest in me by telling you about my recently lost love. I know, it was pretty stupid of me,” he quickly added as Brian opened his mouth to reply, “very stupid indeed, but I couldn’t help it… And after that… you just pushed all thoughts of him out of my head…”
Brian stared at his blushing lover speechlessly for a rather long minute before eventually mumbling a weak disbelieving ‘Did I?’
Stefan nodded and smiled, and Brian then realised just how much he meant to Stefan, and felt very much loved.

They had visited a few more shops, finding Brian shoes and some more clothes. Brian had started to babble on how Stefan needed some new clothes as well, having seen him in the same ones for ages and in order to make him shut up, Stefan had given in and bought a few clothes as well.
Brian had sneaked into his boyfriend’s cabin at some point, shirtless, a naughty smirk plastered on his face and an evil glint in his eyes as he had gone down to his knees and lowered Stefan’s pants, licking his lips hungrily.
Brian had given his lover a big fright by disappearing suddenly, only to reappear a few minutes later with an innocent smile on his face, refusing to tell where he had gone, pretending he’d been there all the time and that Stefan was just going blind.
The rain had stopped falling by the time they got home, and the two lovers were now relaxing on the swinging bench at the back of the house. Stefan was lying on his back, his head resting on Brian’s thighs and his eyes were closed. The small man seemed to be lost deep in his thoughts, staring blankly ahead of him, absentmindedly stroking Stefan’s hair and stomach and rocking the bench back and forth with his feet.
Stefan opened his eyes and looked up in his lover’s face. “Where are you gone?”
Brian startled and blinked down at him. “Hm? What?”
Stefan laughed softly. “What are you thinking about?”
“… You.” Brian replied and blushed.
“More naughty thoughts?” Stefan smirked.
Brian burst out laughing and slapped his lover’s arm playfully. “No, not this time.” He poked his tongue out at Stefan’s faked shocked expression before his own face turned back to its previous serious state.
“What then?”
Brian let out a tiny sigh. “I was just thinking about today…”
“You mean about Gab,” Stefan said knowingly.
Brian nodded. “Yeah… I realised I never really thought I could lose you, you know, I never felt threatened by someone, I never doubted, but today… today I realised that what I had was precious, and that I had to be careful not to ever break or lose it. ‘Cause I… I just know that I couldn’t bear it…”
“Oh Brian…” Stefan sat up and put his hand on his boyfriend’s cheek, turning his head to face him. “I’ll tell you this once more, I’d never leave you, I wouldn’t want to, ever!”
“But I could make you, you know what I’m like…”
“Brian stop this! Please. You’re torturing yourself for no reason, stop thinking for once and just enjoy what you have.”
Brian sighed. “I know… you’re right but… Tell me Stef, why did you leave Gabriel if you were in love with him?” he asked in a whisper.
Stefan frowned. “Bri, sweetheart, I was 18 at that time, I had just accepted the fact I was gay, and he was the first boy I ever got close to in that way. I was very naive, and I thought it was love, but I know now it wasn’t really. I had to move to London to study, to be able to do what I always wanted to, and… I had to make a choice. But you have to understand Bri, that if today I had to make the same choice with you, things would be different, I’d choose you, without any hesitation I’d choose you, because you’re so much more important than anything else in this word… You’re not Gab, I’m not going to leave you just like that. And you know it, deep inside.” He finished, his finger pressing on Brian’s chest.
Brian nodded, tears in his eyes, but he felt so much better now, his fears and worries gone, and he fell forward against Stefan, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist and burying his face in his neck. Stefan held him back and slowly leant back down on the bench, pulling the small body in his arms with him and they lay there in silence for a while, cuddled closely.
“I love you so much Stefan,” a small voice cut through the silence.
Stefan smiled and turned his head to press his lips on Brian’s forehead. “I love you too.”

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Brian sat bolt upright and reached back to get something in the back pocket of his jeans. “I have something for you…” Stefan sat up as well and Brian handed him a small velvet box and turned bright red as he waited for him to open it.
Stefan’s jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide as he looked inside the box. There was a silver locket, shaped like a heart. He took it in his hands and pulled it open. He bit his lip as he saw the picture inside. It seemed to be from the last tour. It showed both of them on a sofa, Brian was asleep on Stefan’s lap, his arms wrapped around his neck and his face buried in his chest, looking so peaceful. And Stefan was holding him close, watching him sleep, pure love and adoration on his face.
Stefan swallowed hard and looked up into Brian’s eyes. “This is…”
“Silly, I know,” Brian grimaced, mistaking Stefan’s hesitation.
“No… no, Jesus Brian, this is beautiful…” he said in a hoarse whisper. “This is the best present I ever had,” he added, feeling very touched.
Brian faked to be hurt. “What? Better than the hot night of sex I gave you for your birthday??” he exclaimed and they burst out laughing.
“So you like it?” Brian asked shyly.
“I love it! Thank you honey.” He smiled softly and leant forward to thank Brian properly and they fell back on the bench, cuddling and kissing until the light of the day started to fade, Stefan clutching the locket tightly in his hand.



Every Sky Is Blue - Day Six (Part 1)
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: [info]j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...

When Brian woke up the next morning, he found himself alone in bed. He sat up, the bed sheets falling onto his lap, leaving his chest bare. He shivered slightly and rubbed his eyes, looking all around him. He pouted as he realised Stefan wasn’t in the room.
He noticed the locket resting open on the bedside table and smiled at the thought of Stefan looking at it while he was sleeping.
He reached out to take it in his hand and flopped back down on the mattress, rolled on his front and propped himself up on his elbows. He looked at the picture inside the locket and smiled softly. He chose that particular picture of them because it was kinda summarising their relationship: Stefan loving him with all his heart and soul, taking care of him, and Brian feeling so safe and comfortable with him.
He sighed happily and put the locket back where he had found it and got up. He poked his head out of the window to have an idea of what the weather was like in order to decide what to wear and he grinned as the sun caressed his face and he started whistling with the birds.
Once ready, he wandered down the stairs in search of his lover, missing his presence already. The house was deadly quiet and empty. And it’s only when Brian reached the kitchen that he heard the sound of children laughter, mixed with very familiar giggles.
He walked to the open door and there was his lover, lying in the grass with Evan and Livi on top of him, tickling him mercilessly. Brian grinned and leant against the doorframe, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched them silently.
Stefan was so great with children, he always knew how to talk to them, how to make them laugh and have fun with them. Brian was envious of that, he himself wasn’t that good with kids, rather shy and clumsy, and they usually didn’t like him anyway, so it didn’t really matter. The only child he was very close to and able to have fun with was Emily, he loved her to bits, and she seemed to love him just as much.
He sighed and waved at Stefan who had just noticed him standing there and was begging him to come and help him getting rid of the munchkins, his pleas interrupted by giggles and Swedish exclamations.

He made his way to them and when they saw him arrive, the kids stopped tickling Stefan and got off him, looking up at Brian silently.
Brian blushed and felt quite uncomfortable. He grabbed Stefan’s hand and helped him up, smiling at him weakly. Stefan smoothed his clothes, taking off some grass that was sticking to his trousers and smiled back at Brian.
“Morning beautiful,” Stefan said softly before stepping closer to his lover and wrapping his arm around his small frame.
Brian sighed and relaxed against the warm familiar body, closing his eyes. “Mmm morning,” he replied before raising on his tiptoes for a good morning kiss.
Brian broke away blushing as he heard giggles from the ground, and he noticed both Evan and Livi grinning up at him. He cleared his throat and looked back at an amused Stefan.
“Where is everybody anyway?”
Stefan’s face darkened. “They all went to my great-grandfather’s funeral…”
“Oh… I’m sorry…” Brian ran his fingertips down his boyfriend’s cheek.
“Ah that’s ok, I didn’t know him that much anyway,” Stefan smiled, reassuring Brian that he was ok.
“But why aren’t you there as well?” Brian asked after a while, frowning.
“Someone had to take care of the kids, Nic didn’t want them to come, they’re too young for that.” Brian nodded in agreement. “Anyway, what about some breakfast?” Stefan grinned and turned to the kids who started running to the kitchen.
As Stefan took a few steps towards the house, Brian quickly caught his wrist, pulling him back to him. He wrapped his arms around the tall man’s neck and pulled his head down a bit to meet his lips. He licked at them teasingly before pushing his tongue between them. Stefan sighed and snaked his arms around Brian’s small waist, drawing him closer until their hips collided. Brian let out a small surprised squeal and pushed his tongue further into his lover’s mouth, kissing him hungrily.
Just as Brian’s hands were slipping under Stefan’s shirt, a loud crash came from the kitchen, making them both jump and pull away from each other.
“Fuck!” Stefan exclaimed and ran to the kitchen, to find Livi sitting on the floor in the middle of pans of all sizes with Evan laughing his arse off next to her.
“What the f-“ Stefan stopped just in time. “What are you doing??”
Evan laughed even more at the look of pure innocence on his sister’s face as she gestured to the pans and fridge, then at her stomach which growled at this very moment. Stefan just had to laugh.
“Ah Livi,” he shook his head, still laughing, and bent down to gather the little girl in his arms and carried her to a chair at the kitchen table.
Brian had joined them a little while before and was looking at them, amused. He moved to sit in front of Livi and Evan as Stefan put random things on the table. Cereals, milk, toasts and other things as well as bowls and cutlery.
It didn’t take long before milk soaked cereals came flying through the air, most of it landing on Brian’s top and face. Brian froze, his spoon half way to his mouth, his lips parted. He slowly raised his gaze from his bowl to the kids in front of him, biting their lips trying not to laugh.
Brian slowly put his spoon down and got up, doing his best to remain as calm as possible. He gave them a wide fake smile and silently made his way upstairs to the bathroom.
“Aaaaaargh!!” he groaned in frustration as soon as the door had closed behind him. “Bloody kids!” He took his top off and threw it in the washing basket before turning to the mirror. He rolled his eyes at his reflection, cereals in his hair, some milk dripping down his face. He sighed and lowered his head in the sink, washing his hair quickly.
He allowed himself some minutes to breath deeply, cooling down and putting on a new top before walking back downstairs.
He laughed ironically when he saw the kids acting all angel like with Stefan, but inside he could have shot himself. He took one more deep breath, putting on a smile as he joined them.
“Oh Bri, you’re back, good,” Stefan said as he quickly got up and went to put his bowl in the sink.
Brian looked at him sceptically. “You’re in a hurry?”
Stefan stopped his movements and looked back at him, seeming embarrassed. “Well, you see… I have to go…”
“What do you mean you have to go?” Brian frowned.
“Well, I gotta go to that funeral, you know…” Stefan answered, trying not to grin.
Brian stared at him carefully. “But you said the kids couldn’t go…”
It was more and more difficult for Stefan to keep a straight face as he was waiting for realisation to kick in. But Brian was still staring at him quietly, the frown not leaving his face. Until…
Brian’s eyes and mouth widened and he shook his head. “No fucking way!!!”
“Brian…” Stefan grabbed him by the arm and dragged him outside before the beginning of the outburst.
“I’m not staying here alone with them!!” Brian exclaimed, staring at Stefan as if he was insane.
“Why not?” Brian opened his mouth but Stefan didn’t give him the time to reply. “Brian, I really need you to look after them today, my family needs me at the funeral, please do that for me. It won’t take too long, only a few hours, I’ll come back as soon as I can, I promise.”
Brian sighed and looked down. “But…”
“You’ll be alright Brian.”
“How can you say that?” Brian looked back up in Stefan’s eyes. “You know I’m crap with children, they don’t like me, as you can see with what happened a few minutes ago. I have no authority, and… they piss me off as well.” Brian grimaced.
Stefan laughed softly. “Yeah, but some love you, just look at Emily, she adores you, and you’re great with her, just act like yourself, and everything will be fine. Just don’t show them you’re shy or scared or whatever you are… they can be little devils, but they’re real sweeties as well, trust me.”
Brian kept quiet, pouting up at his boyfriend.
Stefan smiled. “Thank you.” He kissed the pouty lips before turning away and walking back to the kitchen where he asked the kids not to be too mean with uncle Brian before leaving.

Brian looked at the car disappearing down the road and sighed. This was gonna be a long day.
He apprehensively turned away from the window and back to the two children. They were both staring at him as if wondering what was wrong with that strange little man.
“Erm… what about watching some TV, eh?” Brian smiled hopefully. As the kids didn’t reply, his smile faded away slightly, turning into a kind of embarrassed grimace. “Ok, lets see what kind of videos you have…”
He walked to the television and opened the small cupboard underneath, looking at all the cartoons and films inside. He took one out and turned back to the kids.
“What about this o-” he stopped abruptly as the kitchen chairs were empty. No kids.
Brian frowned and walked back to the table. The bowls were upside down, cereals everywhere and milk dripping down the side of the table to the floor.
A loud crash came from upstairs and Brian’s jaw dropped in shock. He quickly put the video down right in the middle of the mess and hurried up the stairs. What he found in the first room made all his blood leave his face which was now wearing an expression of pure horror.
The wardrobe on the opposite wall was open, and the majority of the clothes were now on a pile on the floor, with Livi wrapped inside all of it, wriggling to get free. But Evan was nowhere to be seen.
A second crash could be heard, causing Brian to jump and run to the bathroom. He had to hold onto the doorframe not to collapse with shock at the sight of the bathroom. Last time he had seen such a mess was when he trashed his last hotel room years ago… bottles of every kind were covering the tiled floor, some broken, smearing their contents everywhere, shampoo mixing with make-up remover and perfume.
“E-Evan? What did you do…?” Brian stammered, still not believing his eyes.
The little boy looked up at him, pure innocence plastered on his face and quickly dashed out of the room into another one. It took Brian a good minute to be able to move again, shock having momentarily paralysed him. He ran out after Evan, finding him in yet another room, going through the drawers, scattering items all around him.
“Shit, Evan what are you doing??” Brian exclaimed. “Stop it!!”
“Shit?” Evan repeated. “Shit shit…”
“Oh fuck no!! Don’t say that!!”
“Shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck!!” Evan giggled and sang as he jumped on his feet and escaped once more.
“Oh god,” Brian groaned, cursing himself and followed him to the next room.
But he froze as he notice the door to Stefan’s room was ajar. Slowly, almost dreading the scene inside, he pushed it completely open. His eyes widened the size of saucers and after a few seconds, he exploded into laughter.
Livi was sitting in his suitcase on the floor, in the middle of jeans and tops, and she was playing with his jar of lube. She had managed to smear the gel up to her elbows and all over her face and lap. She brought her hand to her mouth and started licking her fingers.
“Oh no sweety, don’t eat it!!” Brian kneeled down next to her and pulled her hand away from her mouth, a huge grin still plastered on his face.
Livi looked up at him, a amused look on her face and Brian couldn’t hold in a fit of giggles, and she joined him. He eventually took the jar from her, finding the lid and putting the jar away. He picked Livi up and took her to the bathroom, stepping over the mess to reach the bathtub and he sat her on the edge. He quickly cleaned her up with a wet cloth, her dress had thankfully been spared by the lube, it was evil to wash.
Once she was all clean, Brian picked her up in his arms and carried her back to the corridor, grabbing a laughing Evan on his way down the stairs. The little boy struggled a bit, letting out several Swedish exclamations.
Brian dropped them on the couch in front of the TV and kneeled before them.
“Alright kids, enough of that,” he said, trying to be firm but he couldn’t help but grin. “If you promise to behave while I’m cleaning the house, you’ll get as many ice cream as you can eat, deal?”
“Deal!” Evan exclaimed and held out his hand.
Brian laughed at that and shook the boy’s hand before heading to the kitchen, soon coming back with a giant tub of vanilla ice cream and two spoons.
“Promise to stay here?” Brian asked one last time as the kids almost threw themselves at him to grab the tub.
Livi and Evan nodded frantically, their angelic faces turned down to the tub as they started eating eagerly.

Brian sighed as he stood in the bathroom doorway. He had cleaned all the rooms, put things back in drawers, wardrobes and cupboards, washed his lube covered clothes as well as the kitchen and the mess in there was the last one to clear.
He sighed again, rolled up his sleeves and started picking up the bits of bottles, putting them in a trash bag, saving the unbroken ones in the sink.
About half an hour later, he stood back up, hands on his hips, admiring his work. He was actually quite surprised to see he was capable of making a room shine that much.
He laughed to himself and wandered back downstairs, carrying the bag over his shoulder. He smiled at the kids quietly sat in front of the TV, watching cartoons and went to drop the bag behind the house.
When he walked back in, they had moved in the kitchen, seating at the table again, looking at him. He frowned.
“What?” he asked carefully.
“We’re hungry…” Evan smiled sweetly, and for an instant, Brian feared a new evil plot.
“I… can’t cook…” Brian replied, blushing slightly.
“We can help you!” Evan added, he and Livi looking at Brian hopefully.
Brian grimaced. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea…”
“Why not?” Evan asked and Livi tilted her small blond head to one side.
Brian blushed more. “Well, last time I tried to cook, I…” he paused, quite embarrassed, “…ended up setting the kitchen on fire…”
Evan stared at him for a few seconds before exploding in a fit of giggles, quickly followed by his sister.
Brian felt a bit stupid, but soon joined in. It was indeed quite funny when he remembered it… Stefan coming running in the kitchen, waving wet rags everywhere, and Brian standing stupidly in the middle of the kitchen, helplessly staring at the flames. They had loads of fun that night… Brian smiled at the memory but Evan tugging at his leg made him snap back to reality.
“So?” the little boy asked impatiently.
“Well… I guess I could always give it a try… I can’t let you starve after all…” Brian bit his lip. “Uhm… another thing…”
“What?” Evan raised an eyebrow and folded his arms across his chest, and at this moment, the resemblance between Stefan and his nephew really struck him.
“I… I don’t think I know any recipe…” Brian smiled sheepishly.
Evan frowned. “Don’t you ever eat back in England?” he asked sceptically.
Brian laughed. “I do, but I usually just put frozen stuff in the microwave, or go out, or… Stefan cooks for me…” he blushed prettily, realising one more time just how lucky he was to have such a wonderful boyfriend. “Though… I think I remember how my mum used to make crepes. You’re up for crepes?”
Evan and Livi both looked up at him, a do-you-need-to-ask grin plastered on their faces.
Brian laughed once more. “Alright, uhm…” He looked all around himself in concentration, trying to remember the ingredients by spotting them in the kitchen.
“We need flour,” he started.
“In the cupboard above the blender,” Evan replied immediately.
Brian went to get it and put it down on the table between the kids. “Er – eggs and milk… fridge I suppose?” Evan nodded. “Then erm…” Brian screwed up his nose trying hard to make his brain work. “Oh yeah!! Some salt and oil.” He finished.
“The salt’s in the same cupboard as the flour and the oil in the one next to the fridge.” Evan said automatically.
“How come you know where everything is?” Brian asked curiously.
“I live here…” Evan raised his eyebrow.
Brian rolled his eyes playfully. “I mean, when I was your age, I didn’t know all this… To be honest I didn’t care…”
“Well I like to watch mum cook…” the boy blushed slightly and Brian grinned.
“Yeah… admit it, you only watch her in hope you’ll get a bite!” Brian laughed as the boy blushed harder. “Anyway, do we have everything?”
“Seems so.”
“Ok, let me remember… yeah that’s it. Do you have a mixing bowl?”
Evan pointed to yet another cupboard under the hotplates and Brian went to get a large glass bowl.
“Can we help?” the little boy asked eagerly.
“Sure, I need er… 3 cups of flour.”
Evan nodded and went to get a cup before plunging it into the sack of flour and taking out 3 more than full cups, letting their contents drop into the bowl, creating a rather large cloud of white powder above the table. Evan’s nose started to tickle, and three short intakes of breath later, he was sneezing right into the flour, sending the white powder flying all over his poor sister.
Livi remained still in shock, her face and hair white and she sneezed as well before rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand.
“Haha awww poor love!” Brian exclaimed as Evan giggled insanely and he hurried to her with a clean rag to wipe her face. He ruffled her hair a bit and waved the flour away. “We’ll get you cleaned up later, I have a feeling it’s not gonna stop here…” he glanced at Evan who smiled sheepishly.

Brian took the bowl and made a well in the flour before reaching out to take the eggs.
“Can we do it?” Evan asked excitedly. “Mum never lets us do it…”
Brian gave in to the children’s expectant look. He shrugged and pushed the bowl and eggs in their direction.
Evan took one egg carefully, hitting it weakly on the edge of the bowl. It didn’t break. His tongue appeared between his lips in concentration and he hit a bit harder this time, succeeding in lightly cracking the shell.
At the other side of the table, Livi wrapped her fingers around an egg, and brought it above the bowl. She was holding it in her fist, staring with a raised eyebrow at her brother who was still struggling to break his own.
“Hit it on the edge, honey,” Brian smiled encouragingly before his jaw dropped to the floor.
Instead of doing what he had told her, she had squeezed the egg tight in her fist, breaking the shell and dropped everything in the bowl.
This sent Evan into hysterics, and Brian couldn’t help laughing as he started picking up the bits of shell from the bowl, grimacing slightly as he had to touch the sticky substance.
“I… think I’d better do this myself,” he grinned and moved the bowl back in front of him, then took the still unbroken egg from Evan who was giggling at his sister’s egg covered hand.
Brian raised the egg above the edge of the bowl, and with a quick movement brought it down.
“Uhm… yeah…” he blushed and looked sceptically at the egg white dripping on the table. He wasn’t much more talented than the kids, but he kept this thought for himself.

They eventually managed to finish preparing the batter without too much happening apart from a bit of milk spilled on the floor and about 15 minutes spent to find out what was the best way to use a whisk.
They were now in the process of making the first crepe.
“Do you think the oil’s hot enough?” Brian asked Evan who was standing next to him on his tiptoes, peering inside the pan.
Brian bit his lip and let a droplet of batter fall into the pan, satisfied when it cooked immediately. He poured a small amount of batter in the pan and clumsily swirled it to distribute the batter evenly and make a remotely thin crepe.
“How do you know when it’ll be time to turn it?” Evan asked, glancing up at Brian who frowned.
“Er… That’s a good question… I guess I’ll have to– shit!!”
Evan looked at him in surprise before turning back to the pan, following Brian’s alarmed gaze. Smoke was rising from it.
“I guess that’s a way to know…” he murmured.
Brian quickly turned the burnt crepe, pouting at the black flat food.
“Why do I always end up burning things, why??” He sighed. “Right, let’s try again.” He threw this one away before pouring some batter again, this time watching it closely, lifting the crepe a bit to peek on the underside. As soon as it became a light golden brown, he turned it.
“Hey, not too bad!” he exclaimed, quite happy with himself.
“Next time, can you try to turn it by throwing it in the air?” Evan asked eagerly.
“You’re never happy, are you?” Brian looked at him, amused, but kinda reluctant.
But after giving the first crepe to Livi, he started on another one, and seized the pan handle, screwing up his nose in concentration.
“Alright, ready?”
Evan nodded and watched excitedly as the crepe was sent flying in the air only to flop back down on the tiled floor.
“Oops…” Brian and Evan giggled at the same time.
“Try again!!”
The next crepe joined the other one on the floor, and the one after decided to stay stuck on the ceiling.
Brian stared at it open mouthed, amazed as it remained there for a good 30 seconds before starting to unstuck itself and fell on the other ones at their feet.
“I think we’d better stop here or we’ll never eat…” They all laughed, abandoning the idea of flying crepes, turning them in a normal way instead.

When they had a good pile of them ready, they sat down at the table on which Evan had put different kinds of jam, sugar, stewed apple, nutella and many other things, and started to eat, talking and laughing as Livi managed to cover herself in every single kind of food she could find on the table which forced Brian to take her upstairs at the end of the meal to get her cleaned and changed.

The afternoon went pretty well, Brian managed to find various activities to occupy the children, the result more or less convincing… From hide and seek to painting, passing by playing with make-up, it all ended with the living room being a huge mess, but the screams of laughter and the sound of the kids’ giggles were enough to ignore the rest for a moment.

At the end of the afternoon, Stefan came home to find his boyfriend fast asleep on the sofa, Livi and Evan cuddled up to him, eyes closed and breathing peacefully. He couldn’t help but smile at the image of Brian and his nephews… Brian who always said he wasn’t good with children who he didn’t like anyway. He gave a little laugh and shook his head, amused and unsure as to wake Brian up or not… He was spared the decision though as a pair of light blue eyes opened to look up at him.
“Hi Uncle Stefan,” Evan murmured and smiled.
Stefan kneeled in front of him and smiled back. “Hey you, how was your day?” he whispered as well not to wake up the other two.
“It was great, Brian’s very funny, and he’s not like the others, it’s easier to have fun with him, he’s like us…” Evan beamed.
Stefan laughed softly, ruffling his nephew’s hair. He shook his head in amusement at what the little boy had just said; it was so true, Brian was one big child.
His eyes moved to Brian’s sweet face, his lips slightly parted.
Evan watched in silence as Stefan slowly reached out to brush his fingertips against Brian’s skin, over his temple and down his cheek and neck.
Brian moaned softly, his eyelashes fluttering prettily before he looked at Stefan sleepily. A warm smile instantly crept onto his face.
“Hey…” he said softly before looking at the kids snuggled up at each of his sides, his arms around them. He blushed a bit and looked back at Stefan.
“I see things went well in the end… See? There was no need to be so worried.” Stefan winked and smiled again as Brian nodded.
Evan and Livi, now both fully awake, got off the sofa and ran to the garden to play a bit in the fresh air before the sky went dark. Brian, finally free to move, shifted a bit, sitting up, and patted the empty space beside him for Stefan to sit down, snuggling into him as soon as the Swede was next to him.
“So, how was your day?” Brian asked carefully, biting his lip as he realised the stupidity of his question. “I mean… you know…”
Stefan squeezed Brian tight to him. “It was ok, I wasn’t that close to him, I barely knew him to be honest, but it was hard to see the others’ pain, the look on my grandma’s face was heart-breaking, I can’t imagine the pain of losing your own dad…” He sighed sadly and held Brian even tighter, turning his head to press his lips against the small man’s forehead.
“I love you Stef…” Brian whispered after a few minutes of silence.
Stefan smiled and pulled away just enough to look down in Brian’s eyes. He leant down and softly brushed his lips against his boyfriend’s, feeling Brian’s arms move to wrap around his neck as their lips and tongues played together.
“I missed you…” Brian looked up at him lovingly.
“Mmm me too… I was worried I was gonna find a pile of ash instead of the house when I came back…” he grinned.
Brian pulled away and slapped his arm playfully. “Oi! Who do you take me for?!”
“You set the kitchen on fire!” Stefan smirked at his pouting lover.
“Well, I didn’t burn anything today… except for a crepe, but that was all!” he defended himself.
Stefan frowned. “You made crepes? You mean, you cooked?”
Brian smiled proudly. “Yep, and it was even good, ask Evan and Livi, they helped me!”
“Wow… I must say I’m impressed…”
Brian poked his tongue out at him.
“Now, seriously sweetheart, the kids really love you…” Stefan smiled softly as Brian looked at him a bit surprised.
“Really?” Stefan nodded. “How do you know?”
“Evan told me…”
“Oh?” Brian gaped at him.
Stefan laughed at the naivety and innocence of his lover and took his head in his hands, looking straight into his eyes.
“Brian, how come you’re so insecure? You can be a right arrogant little bitch to the media and music industry, but when it gets to people close to you…” he trailed off.
Brian shrugged, not really feeling like thinking about it and having a deep discussion.
“Stef? What about going out tonight? I love it here, but I kinda miss crowds of people, loud music and £10 cocktails…”
“Urban bitch!!”
Brian launched himself at Stefan, trying to tickle him but he soon found himself being at Stefan’s mercy, begging for release. Stefan stopped tickling him, looking at the small panting form under him.
Brian lifted one hand, softly stroking his lover’s cheek, smiling gently before pulling him closer to share a tender kiss.
“Ok then,” Stefan started as he pulled away, getting off Brian, “I know the perfect place for that, I’m sure you’ll love it…”
“What’s it like?” Brian asked as he resumed his earlier position against his boyfriend’s chest.
“Oh uhm… it’s small, eccentric, and the waiters are sooo gay!!” Stefan exclaimed in a very camp fashion and they burst into laughter.
“Ooh a gay night!! Do we get to dress as gay as we can?” Brian asked hopefully.
Stefan nodded, still grinning and giggled as Brian squealed excitedly. “Brilliant!! That’s gonna be fun! When are we going? Where is it?”
“Stockholm, we can go as soon as the others are back.”
Brian grabbed his boyfriend’s face in both of his hands and kissed him hard before dashing up the stairs, screaming when he reached the top.
“Come on Steffy!! We gotta choose your outfit!!”
Stefan shook his head in amusement, laughing softly. “Why do you always get to choose my outfit and I can’t say anything about yours?” he wondered to himself before getting up and following his overly excited boyfriend up the stairs.

“No way!!”
“But… you said GAY!”
“I’m not wearing this Brian, not even if you pay me!”
“But Stef…” Brian whined, pouting as he glanced down at the pink item in his hands. “You don’t like the colour or…”
“It’s a dress! I’m not wearing a dress to go to a bar!!”
“You said it was a club…” Brian raised an eyebrow.
“Does it matter?”
“So it’s not the colour then…?”
“No, it’s the dress.”
“Oh good, then you can wear this!” he exclaimed cheerfully as he threw another pink item at Stefan who took a look at the fitted shirt in his hands.
“Where did you get that?” He’d never seen it before.
“I bought it for you yesterday, when you weren’t looking.” He smiled up at Stefan before going back to rummage through his suitcase. “I had planned to give it to you once back in London, but since we’re going out tonight…”
Stefan glanced at the shirt once more, it looked nice, simple, but really nice. He started unbuttoning the one he was wearing.
“Here, let me help you…” Brian said softly as he stood in front of him, his hands replacing Stefan’s on the shirt, opening it and pushing it off his shoulders. He sighed as he let his eyes wander over the naked chest, his fingertips running over the pale skin. He stepped closer and buried his face in Stefan’s neck, inhaling deeply the scent of his lover, moaning softly as he nuzzled and kissed the sensitive skin.
Stefan moved to wrap his arms around Brian’s waist, pulling his small body closer, shivering slightly as he felt the warmth of Brian’s breath and the wetness of his lips on his skin. He swallowed hard and was about to slip his hands under Brian’s top when they heard voices downstairs.
“They’re back…” Stefan whispered and pulled away reluctantly as steps could be heard in the stairs. A few seconds later, Elin was knocking on the open door.
“Hi,” she smiled at Brian. “How did things go today? They haven’t been too evil with you?”
“Nah, they were lovely,” Brian replied and summed up the events of the day to her.
Stefan let him chat with Elin and slipped into his new shirt.
“Wow, Stef, nice shirt, you’re going somewhere?” Elin turned to him.
Stefan flashed her a bright smile. “I’m taking Brian to Stockholm tonight…”
“Oooh I see…” she threw him a knowing glance and turned on her heels. “I’ll let you get dressed then… are you out for dinner as well or are you eating with us?”
“We’ll be out, but thanks.” He winked at her and she left.
“You didn’t say we’d have dinner outside…” Brian said softly.
“You don’t wanna?” Stefan asked him surprised.
“Oh, I do, but…” he blushed.
Stefan frowned. “Brian?”
Brian bit his lip, shrugging helplessly. “Sometimes I just think I don’t deserve you, you’re just too good to me…” he whispered hoarsely.
“Hey hey, shh don’t say that, you know it’s not true,” Stefan reassured him, walking close to him and pulling the small body in his arms.
Brian burried his face in his lover’s chest, clinging onto him. Stefan heard him sniff and pulled away slightly, lifting Brian’s face to make eye contact.
“Why do you get all emotional over a restaurant?” he asked, hiding his grin.
Brian’s eyes were shining dangerously. “It’s just… you take care of me all the time, I must be a real burden…”
Stefan’s smile vanished. “I do that because I love you…”
Brian looked down.
“And because I love seeing you smile, I love making you happy, that’s all…”
Brian looked back up at him, biting on his lip. “I’m sorry, I’m being silly…”
Stefan laughed softly and hugged him tightly.
“I love you too,” Brian whispered against his neck. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome sweetheart, now go get dressed you silly girl!” he exclaimed as he patted his boyfriend’s arse in a hug releasing manner.
Brian giggled and planted a huge wet kiss on Stefan’s lips before trotting back to his suitcase.

“I dunno what to wear…” he admitted in defeat a few minutes later, after emptying the content of his suitcase on the floor.
Stefan shook his head in amusement and joined his sweet lover on the floor. “I’ll choose for you, but first you have to finish choosing my outfit.”
“Ooh yeah, I said I would dress you!” Brian grinned as he remembered. He got up to his feet, helping Stefan up as well and, still holding one of his hands, he admired the pink more than fitted shirt. “It looks gorgeous on you baby… actually, YOU look gorgeous, the shirt only makes it even more obvious!”
Stefan blushed, feeling silly for doing so, but he couldn’t help himself. Brian had that power over people, he was able to make them blush with a simple gaze, so you can imagine the effect of such a compliment.
“Wear these…” the small man handed him a pair of light blue jeans that were flaring at the bottom, but were fucking tight at the top.
Brian sighed and licked his lips as Stefan pulled them on. “Mmm you’ve got such a nice arse Stef…”
Stefan smirked and turned his back to Brian, turning his head to try and have a look at his own arse, by doing so wriggling his arse.
Brian bit his lip, holding in a groan. “Don’t tease me Stef, or you’ll regret it… I don’t wanna ruin this new shirt tonight… at least not now…”
Stefan laughed and faced Brian again. “Alright, my turn!”
It didn’t take long for him to pick the perfect outfit for his lover, only a few seconds and he was handing Brian the items of his choice. Brian smirked wickedly and removed his clothes under his boyfriend’s expectant gaze and slipped into the new ones.
Stefan eyed him up and down. He had chosen really tight black leather trousers, equally flaring at the bottom, but just slightly, cut low at the hips, showing the prominent but sexy bones, and a top bought at Cyberdog. It was white, short enough to let a part of his belly show, and sleeveless. And what Stefan loved about it was that it was completely open-backed, one single strap around the back and one on each shoulder holding the top in place, allowing full view to his back , the small of his back, his hips… oh god… he looked absolutely stunning.
“Sit down.”
“Uh?” Stefan came crashing back to earth.
Brian smirked, seemingly satisfied with the effect he had upon his boyfriend.
“Sit down on the bed, I’m gonna paint your nails!” he exclaimed excitedly, pushing Stefan to the bed and going back to his suitcase before joining Stefan again with two small bottles of nail varnish.
“Err… you sure?” Stefan grimaced.
“Stef, you’re gay, you’re going to a gay bar, why do you even ask?”
The Swede poked his tongue out but didn’t protest when the small man kneeling on the floor in front of him took hold of his left hand.

“There you go!” Brian announced a few minutes later, releasing his lover’s hands.
Stefan had to laugh as he looked at his nails. Brian had decided to be unconventional and had painted his nails both pink and black.
“Thank you.” Stefan smiled.
“You’re welcome, love. You look amazing Stefan…” Brian said seriously before lowering himself to sit on Stefan’s lap, his arms finding their way around the tall man’s neck. “And you’re mine…” he whispered. “All mine…”
Stefan just had the time to laugh softly before he was attacked by a pair of luscious lips.
“Mmm we’d better go now…” Stefan reasoned as he broke the kiss a few moments later. “It’s quite a way to Stockholm.”
Brian got off him and glanced in the mirror to check his make-up, reapplying his lipgloss.
“Are we going by car?”
Stefan raised an eyebrow. “Were you expecting us to walk?” he asked sarcastically.
“Ha... Ha… I mean, are you driving?”
“Well, yes, since you never bothered to learn…” he grinned.
“You’re being very funny tonight Stefan…”
“I know I know.” He bowed playfully.
“But then if you’re driving it means you can’t drink…” Brian looked up at him with wide eyes.
Stefan shrugged and smiled. “You’ll drink for two.”
“Aww Steffy, that’s no fun, you know I hate to be the only one drinking…” Brian put on his best pout and puppy dog eyes and fluttered his eyelashes.
“What then? You want me to drive drunk?”
“No!!” Brian exclaimed. “God, no, but couldn’t we call a taxi or something?”
“It’s a long way…” Stefan hesitated.
“So? We’re not exactly poor, so that’s no problem…”
Stefan still didn’t look convinced.
Brian’s face contorted into an evil smirk and he took hold of his boyfriend’s neck, pulling his head down and moved his lips to Stefan’s ear.
“You know what I’m like when drunk…” he purred and flicked his tongue along the edge of his lovers’ ear. “When we’ll come back, I’ll do anything you want, absolutely anything for you my love… if you get some alcohol in your blood tonight…”
Stefan gulped and shifted on his feet uncomfortably, having to clear his throat before being able to talk, and still his voice came out hoarse.
“You know you’re the devil Brian… you win…”
Face very flushed, Stefan took his mobile out of his back pocket and dialled the number of a local taxi company under Brian’s more than satisfied gaze.




Every Sky Is Blue - Day Six (Part 2)
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: [info]j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...

“Stefaaaan?” a female voice called from downstairs half an hour later, making the two men jump.
Stefan freed himself from Brian’s limbs, who was lying sprawled on the bed, dishevelled and his make-up slightly smeared by their unexpected make-out session. Stefan smoothed out his clothes, buttoned his shirt again, took a deep breath to calm himself and cleared his throat before slowly opening the door and yelling back.
“Yes mum??”
“A taxi’s waiting in front of the house, is it for you?”
“Yeah, thanks!!”
He closed the door again and leant back against it, letting his eyelids fall shut for a brief moment in an attempt to slow down his heartbeat. When he opened his eyes again, Brian was standing in front of him, looking like innocence itself, hair back to normal and make-up fixed, holding his jacket in front of his crotch. Stefan smirked, knowing Brian was in the same state as he himself was, and thought a jacket would be a good idea for himself too.
“You ready?”
Brian nodded and took the hand his lover was holding out for him and together they walked down the stairs.
“Awww look at them! Aren’t they lovely?” Agneta cooed, looking at her son and boyfriend adoringly.
His wife’s exclamation had made Fred raise his eyes from the newspaper he didn’t have time to read in the morning and when his gaze landed on his son, his mouth opened slightly. And when he saw Brian, his jaw dropped to the floor.
Brian felt himself blush and he unconsciously squeezed Stefan’s hand harder.
“Since when do you wear pink?” his father asked Stefan, not reproachful, just surprised.
“Fred…” Agneta warned him.
“What? I didn’t know he was wearing pink, that’s all!” he exclaimed back, trying to look innocent.
Brian glanced up at Stefan, expecting to find him looking embarrassed, but to his surprise, his boyfriend was grinning amusedly.
“You were gonna comment on his outfit!” Agneta turned to him, her hands on her hips.
“So? I’m his father, am I not allowed to say anything? You did!”
Agneta just ignored him and went back to gazing lovingly at her son. “So where are you two going tonight?”
“Stockholm,” Stefan grinned at his mum, “I’m taking Brian to a restaurant and then we’ll go dance…” he trailed off, frowning in confusion at his dad who had made his way to Brian and was walking around him, observing a very flushed and embarrassed looking Brian’s clothes closely.
“Isn’t this top for women?” he asked, intrigued.
“Sigfred!!” Agneta exclaimed, outraged.
“Whaaat?? What did I say now?” Stefan’s dad replied, looking exasperated.
Brian’s eyes opened wide, his lips twitching slightly, menacing to form a smile and he had to bite down on his bottom lip to stop the tempting grin. He turned once more to look at Stefan.
“Sigfred?” he mouthed, eyebrows raised, the ghost of a smirk on his face.
“Shh,” Stefan murmured, himself having difficulties not to laugh at his parents’ gentle row. He knew his mum called his dad his full name only when she was really really annoyed, but he knew his dad meant no harm. He cleared his throat loudly. “Uhm, we’ll go now… have a nice evening.”
Agneta immediately stopped lecturing her husband and, her face sweet again, she rose on her tiptoes to place a soft kiss on her son’s cheek, then one on Brian’s who looked surprised and blushed.
“Have fun boys.” She smiled and Fred winked at them as they walked past him and out of the house to the taxi.

“Hahaha did you see the look that waitress gave me?!” Brian exclaimed loudly between fits of laughter as they were walking down an animated street. He was holding tightly onto Stefan’s arm who was laughing along.
They had just come out of a posh restaurant where the waiters kept throwing odd glances at Brian, probably pondering whether he was a girl or a boy, and Brian had received a rather shocked and envious look from one of the waitresses.
“She was probably thinking that she’d never manage to look as good as you in this top, even though she’s got the stuff to fill it and you don’t.” Stefan replied and Brian doubled with laughter.
They had admittedly had a little too much to drink already, having found an excellent red wine to go with their delicious meal.
“Where are we going now Steffy?” Brian smiled up at him sweetly, pressing his body closer against the tall man’s side.
“To my fav gay bar,” Stefan grinned.
“Is it far from here?”
“Just a little further down the street…”
Brian looked around himself. The street was bordered by bars, clubs, small restaurants, all of them bearing the rainbow flag. The people walking down the street were a mixture of eccentrics and fashion victims, either boys or girls or from undeterminable gender.
Brian smiled broadly, he felt in his element.
“There it is!” Stefan pointed to a bar a few feet away.
They walked past a restaurant with a huge plastic pirate in front of it and there was the Banana Café. A yellow veranda was advancing upon the street, fake palm trees and coconuts on its roof.
Brian stopped dead and gaped at it. Stefan freed his arm from Brian’s grasp and wrapped it around his lover’s waist instead, making him walk inside the bar with him.
It was rather dark inside, the only source of light being small candles on the tables. Loud soft techno music was blasting out of good quality speakers. Brian let wide eyes wander over the jungle painted walls: thick vegetation and rivers, white lions, monkeys, snakes and other parrots. Poles were disguised as trees with plastic bunches of bananas hanging from them and booths covered with fake leopard skin.
Brian let out a small gasp followed by a giggle. He turned to look at Stefan. “That’s… original…”
Stefan grinned at him and led him to the back of the bar and onto a booth. It was only when they had settled down that he replied. “You like?”
Brian smirked. “I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a place before… I love it!”
“I knew you would,” he winked.
Before they could go further in their conversation, a young waiter came mincing to their table.
“Hiya, what can I get you?” he asked in english, having overheard Stefan’s last sentence. Everything about him was screaming GAAAYYY, especially his very trendy jeans and limp wrists. He was small, thin and had short light brown hair.
“Two Ultra Pink, please.” Stefan replied, smiling back.
The waiter flashed him a bright smile and bounced away, Brian’s eyes fixed on his arse.
“What’s an Ultra Pink?” Brian asked finally, his attention back on his boyfriend once the waiter had disappeared behind the bar.
“Mmm it’s their best cocktail, it’s lush, you’ll see.” Stefan licked his lips and winked.
Sure enough, the waiter was back within the minute, casting meaningful glances at the both of them before hurrying away, his hips swaying effortlessly.
“It’s pink…” Brian stated dumbly.
“Well, you didn’t expect it to be blue with such a name, did you?” Stefan raised an eyebrow, amused.
Brian threw him a look of do-you-think-I’m-that-stupid. “Of course not, I’m just wondering what makes it pink…”
“Have a sip, and you’ll know,” Stefan winked, wrapping his lips around the equally pink straw.
Brian did the same, allowing the liquid to flood his mouth. “Mmm Stef!! That’s so good!!” he exclaimed suddenly, sending Stefan in a small fit of giggles. “What’s it I can taste… champagne?”
Stefan nodded, still grinning widely.
“And uhm…” Brian screwed up his nose in concentration. “Grapefruit juice?”
Stefan nodded once again.
“But there’s something else… something really sweet…”
“Bubble gum syrup,” the swede replied.
Brian stared at him. “Bubble gum syrup? I didn’t even know there was such a thing… but god bless the guy who invented it, ‘cause I’m officially in love with this drink!” he announced loudly.
“Should I be jealous?” Stefan pouted playfully and Brian put his hand on his lover’s hand, leaning closer to him as if to make him a confidence and looked at him reassuringly.
“Don’t worry Steffy, we’ll find a way, I’ll just have to dip you in it for example.”
Stefan snorted and moved forward to plant a small kiss on Brian’s nose. “You silly drunk…”
Brian’s mouth opened with indignation. “I’m not drunk!” he protested but his words were immediately followed by a hiccup. He frowned and then just shrugged, smiling sheepishly.

A few cocktails later, Stefan was having difficulties to keep Brian at a respectable distance. The small man, now completely intoxicated, was giggling and purring in his lover’s ear as his body was pressed against the tall and slender one of the swede.
“Brian…” Stefan pushed his boyfriend away, half reluctantly.
“But Steeeef…” Brian pouted prettily, and Stefan found it even more difficult to resist him, wanting nothing more than to just give in. “Stef…” Brian repeated, leaning closer again, moaning in Stefan’s ear, flicking his tongue at the edge, making his lover shiver. “Stef, I need you…”
Stefan gulped as Brian took hold of his hand, lying it on his crotch.
“See?” Brian whispered, his breath hot on Stefan’s neck. “All ready for you…”
He was indeed rock hard, and this made Stefan uncomfortably aware of the unbearable heat in his own trousers.
“You’re such a tease, Bri…” Stefan swallowed hard. “But I’m afraid you’ll have to behave, I’m not doing this in the middle of a bar.”
Brian’s pout grew bigger, but an evil glint had appeared in his eyes. “Aww Steffy, where has your taste for adventure gone? I remember a time where you were begging me to crawl under the table of a restaurant to please you…” He was now smirking, biting his lip expectantly.
Stefan scratched his nose to try and hide his nervousness, but his shaking hand gave him away.
“Maybe we can find somewhere a bit less crowded…” Brian went on, moving the straw in his glass near his lips to take a sip, and nearly poked his eye out with it in a drunken gesture. “What about there?” he asked, pointing in the vague direction of a leopard paper covered door. “I’ve seen loads of people disappearing in there and coming out a long time later, maybe it’s a fuck room!!” he exclaimed excitedly, his teasing and sensual tone long forgotten. “Come on Steffy!!”
“It’s the toilets, Bri,” Stefan grinned amusedly.
“Pah you’re no fun!”
Brian moved his arm to grab his drink once more but as his eyes were still locked on the door, he only managed to knock his glass and spill its content all over his lap, letting out a surprised squeal.
Stefan tried his best not to laugh but a short snigger escaped him nonetheless. Brian looked up at him, an annoyed pout on his face as he got up, excused himself and rushed to the toilets.

Brian was wiping the sticky liquid off his trousers, thankful he had decided to wear leather tonight for it was way easier to clean than any normal material, as the door opened behind him.
Stefan stepped in the red lit room. He had visited loads of bars and their toilets, but he had never come across any weirder ones than those he was in right now. The walls, though perfectly vertical, looked like they were going in every directions, and everything was made of copper, the red light accentuating the impression of being in the middle of an acid trip.
He saw Brian bent forward, wiping at his black trousers with what must have been toilet paper, unaware of his presence. He had been able to remain sat at their table for no more than a minute before the thought of a horny Brian in deserted toilets nagging at his mind got the better of him and he was standing and rushing to the door.
He stopped behind Brian, grinned and put his hands on the small and gorgeous black leather covered arse, causing his boyfriend to let out a loud squeal and stand upright in a fast movement. He turned and raised an eyebrow at Stefan. The evil grin was soon back on his face.
“What brings you here my dear?” he asked innocently, turning briefly to throw the wet piece of paper into the sink now behind him.
“Well… I…” Stefan started.
“… thought about me alone in here and couldn’t resist joining me?” Brian continued for him in a whisper, wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck. He licked his lips temptingly and fluttered his eyelashes prettily.
“Something along those lines…” Stefan grinned and before Brian knew what was happening, he had grabbed him around the waist and pushed him into one of the empty cubicles, slamming the door shut behind them with his foot.

There was the sound of a few giggles, hushed voices, ruffling, a zipper being pulled up, a short moan and lips parting and a door was pulled opened and a very flushed Brian came stumbling out of the cubicle, clutching his lover’s hand, still giggling.
He stopped dead though as his eyes fell upon a young man standing in front of the sink, eyes wide and lips slightly parted, staring at the both of them.
Brian raised his eyebrows before flashing him a bright smile and waving at him. “Hiya darling!” he exclaimed, uncaring of the look of shock on the young man’s face who had obviously come in the room at a very inappropriate moment.
Stefan laughed and winked at the boy, his hands on Brian’s hips as they both walked out of the toilets, or the ‘fuck room’ as Brian seemed very inclined to call it, and back to their table.
Their activity in the ‘fuck room’ had sobered them up considerably, and Brian was already waving to the cute waiter, gesturing for him to bring them the same once more. When the waiter gave a nod, indicating he had caught on what Brian was asking, the latter turned to Stefan and planted a huge kiss on his cheek.
“I love you.”
Stefan smiled at him, sliding his arm around the narrow shoulders and pulling Brian close to him. “I love you too,” he replied and kissed the black haired head now resting on his shoulder.
“T’was fun.” Brian lifted his face, a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. “I knew you didn’t lose your taste for adventure after all…”
Stefan poked his tongue out at him, giggling as Brian’s lips closed around it and he started to suck on it.
Brian let out a little moan and pulled away, biting his lip. “You’re awfully sexy tonight Stef, how am I supposed to stop touching you?”
“Why would you want to stop touching me?” Stefan asked innocently.
Another evil smirk appeared on Brian’s face. “Oh so it means I can continue doing this?” he moved his hand that was under Stefan’s shirt down to the jeans covered crotch, rubbing hard.
Stefan gasped and shifted uncomfortably on the booth.
“You haven’t had enough?” he asked, amused, but had to inhale deeply as the small hand continued moving.
“Me? Never…” Brian winked.
“Here you go,” came a sudden voice.
Brian jerked his hand away quickly as the waiter put their two glasses on the table, casting them a knowing look that made the both of them blush madly and they immediately focused on drinking their cocktails, avoiding each other’s eyes.

“Do you think he noticed?” Brian eventually asked after draining half of his drink.
“Uh? Who?” Stefan frowned, finally looking at Brian.
Stefan’s right eyebrow rose high on his forehead. “Eh?”
Brian faked an annoyed sigh. “Mincy… the waiter…” Realising the confused look on his boyfriend’s face wasn’t going away, he continued. “Can’t you see the way he’s mincing when walking and all?”
Stefan stared at him for a few seconds before breaking into a large grin. “You’re mad…” he giggled, shaking his head.
Brian poked his tongue out, relaxing finally now that the embarrassment between them had vanished.
“Stef darling, didn’t you say this place was also a club? I can’t see anyone dancing… I don’t even see a dancefloor…” Brian asked with a small whine, casting a teasing and sheepish look at his lover.
“Yeah I did. It’s in the basement.” Stefan nodded towards a staircase next to the bar.
“Ooh excellent!!” Brian clapped his hands excitedly and rose to his feet so fast he nearly knocked the table over. “Come on Steffy, let’s go!! I wanna dance dance dance!!” he said in a sing song, swinging his hips softly.
Stefan smiled and got up and, wrapping his arm around his lover’s narrow waist, he led him towards and down the stairs.

Brian stopped dead as the dance room came into sight. His eyes opened wide as saucers and his lips parted with a squeal. He grabbed Stefan’s hand and dragged him through the many people to the centre of the dancefloor.
“I loooove this song!!!” he exclaimed excitedly. “Come on Steffy boy, move your gorgeous body!” He looked up at his lover, grinning and licking his lips as his hands found their way to the Swede’s hips.
“You must be joking, Bri…” Stefan looked sceptical. He was standing there in front of Brian, totally immobile, looking slightly disgusted at the sound coming out of the speakers and that Brian dared to call ‘music’.
“Aww but Steffy, please, for me?” Brian pouted up at him, his hands snaking higher up his lover’s body.
He started moving his hips suggestively against Stefan’s, following the rhythm of the music and doing his best to make Stefan move with him.
“Brian, how can you dance on this? It’s fucking Destiny’s Child! Steve would kill you if he was here!” Stefan exclaimed, his hips swaying lightly despite himself.
“Yes, but he’s not here… so come on lover boy, show me what you can do with that sexy body of yours…” Brian purred, throwing poor Stefan a lust-laden look.
“Bootylicious…” Stefan mumbled to himself, shaking his head. “What I wouldn’t do for you…” he sighed, amused in spite of himself.
He eventually gave in to Brian and started to move in rhythm with him.

One hour and half and quite a few shots of vodka later, Stefan was happily dancing to the sound of the Pussycat Dolls.
“See Steffyyy,” Brian slurred, “ss’goood!!”
Stefan giggled and shook his head frantically. “No no no, ’ss craaap!! Real crap. But tis fun to dance to hehe!!”
Brian blinked at him a few times before collapsing against the tall man’s chest, his small body shaken by his own giggles.
“Steffy you’re so pished!”
“So’s you my lil darling ladyboy! So’s you!”
Suddenly, Brian became silent and he started tugging at Stefan’s sleeve, nodding in the direction of the bar, a look of awe over his flushed face.
“Oh my god!! Steffy look!!!”
“Eh? Whaaa?”
“There!!” Brian threw his hand in the vague direction of what had caught his attention.
Stefan turned around, staring and blinking, trying to spot what had brought this sudden change in his lover.
“Can’t you see ‘em?? Steffy!! Pole dancers!!!” Brian squealed and started bouncing, a toothy grin covering his excited face.
“Ooh yeah hehehe!!” Stefan giggled drunkenly. “Yummy muscled latinos!! Ow!!”
Brian slapped his boyfriend’s arm lightly and pouted up at him.
“Aww but you know muscles are nothing compared to a small, thin and pale body like yours.” Stefan winked down at Brian, leaning down to kiss the gorgeous pouty lips.
Brian beamed up at him as he pulled away and buried his face in the taller man’s chest, making Stefan laugh softly.
Together, they gazed at the pole dancers for a while, before Brian suddenly jerked his head away, looking up in Stefan’s eyes with a wicked grin.
Stefan frowned in apprehension and answered carefully. “Yesss?”
“You love me?” Brian smiled sweetly, but the evil glint didn’t leave his eyes.
Stefan was more and more scared of what his boyfriend had in mind. “‘Course I do… W-why do you ask that?”
“‘Cause then you can do something for me?” Brian’s hands teasingly trailed down Stefan’s sternum to his chest and stomach and lower. “Can you?”
Stefan gulped as the small hand reached its destination. “What you want me to do?”
“I want you to…” Brian’s lips found their way to his lover’s neck, kissing and suckling on the soft skin, his tongue licking up to his ear, his lips wrapping around the earlobe. “… to go up on one of those platforms and dance for me…”
Stefan moaned and his eyelids fluttered closed before the penny dropped and he realised what Brian had asked him. He pulled away and stared down at the little devil in front of him.
“No fucking way!!”
The pout immediately found its way back to Brian’s face. “Oh but Steffy!! You’re pissed, you won’t remember in the morning… Pretty please…”
“That’s exactly why I won’t do it! Fuck knows what I could be up to up there…” he grimaced.
“But… but…” Brian’s lower lip pushed out even more and he gazed up in his lover’s eyes with his own puppy ones. “You do it in front of thousands of people during each gig… why can’t you do it here… for me?? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?”
Stefan was growing uncomfortable in front of his pouting boyfriend. He knew he could rarely resist such a look, plus his arguments added to the location of the small hands on his body were quite convincing…
“Ok ok,” he sighed. “I’ll go… to one condition…”
Brian’s face broke in to a wide grin. “Anything darling!!”
“You come with me.” It was Stefan’s turn to smirk at the look on the singer’s face.
“But… Steffy, if… if I go on there with you, I… I…” he tried desperately to find an excuse. “I won’t be able to admire your gorgeous body moving and swaying just for me!”
“You’ll have to find something else honey…” Stefan grinned evilly.
“I’ll be your slave all night!!” Brian looked at Stefan hopefully.
“You promised that already!”
Brian opened his mouth to reply but he was short of excuses. “Argh! Ok, you win!” he pouted but a small smirk soon replaced the pout. “You are aware that if we both go up on one of those platforms, it will end up in a live porn show?”
Stefan raised an eyebrow amusedly. “Is that so? You seem to have a high opinion of yourself Mr Molko…”
“Wanna bet?” Brian poked his tongue out, his hand moving to squeeze Stefan’s arse.
Stefan let out a tiny squeal in spite of himself and glanced around him, blushing slightly, to make sure nobody had heard him. His gaze locked itself back onto Brian’s and he smiled slowly. “Ok.”
Brian stared at him for a moment, a small grin playing on his lips which were being tortured by his teeth. He eventually released them, soothing them with his tongue as his grin grew wider. “Alright, let’s go then… let’s show those ‘yummy muscled Latinos’ what we’re able to do!”
With that, he grabbed Stefan’s hand in his and fought his way through the crowd of sweaty men dancing and groping and kissing (among other things) on the dance floor until he reached one of the poles. He waved at the guy dancing on the podium, eventually succeeding in attracting his attention. The guy who was dressed in nothing but a leopard thong (at which Stefan was staring with interest) bent down to hear what Brian had to say. Brian put his hand on the side of the guy’s face and screamed something in his ear over the music. The guy pulled away enough to look at him and grinned, then he glanced at Stefan and laughed before jumping off his podium.
Stefan grimaced and turned to stare after him as he walked away, still laughing.
“What did you tell him?” he asked, eyeing his boyfriend suspiciously.
Brian looked back, the perfect image of innocence. “Me? Nothing…”
“Yeah right…”
Brian just smiled sweetly before climbing on the podium… or rather trying to. The poor man was jumping but he could do whatever he wanted he couldn’t get on the shoulder-high podium. He eventually looked at Stefan, a small pout covering his lips. “Help me?” he whined playfully.
Stefan laughed and shook his head, amused. He slipped his hands under Brian’s arms, causing this one to squirm a bit as it tickled and lifted him off the floor, sitting him on the podium. Brian giggled childishly before leaning down to kiss Stefan’s nose. He got on his feet just as his boyfriend was joining him on the podium in one easy jump.
They remained still for a moment, silently gaping at the people dancing under them, a mini ocean of arms and heads moving together to the rhythm of the music. Slowly, they turned to face each other and they shared a shy smile and a giggle.
“This is awkward…” Brian said, blushing for some odd and unknown reason.
Stefan smiled and nodded. “Not the teasing bitch you are on dry land, uh?”
“Fuck you!” Brian laughed. “This is only a podium you bastard!”
Stefan poked his tongue out, fending off his boyfriend’s attempt at tickling him. Holding the frail wrists in his strong hands, he pushed them in Brian’s back, rendering him helpless. Brian tried to wriggle free but Stefan tightened his grip on him, pulling their bodies closer against each other. Brian smirked up at him, the evil glint back in his eyes. The mere sight of this was all Stefan needed to lean down and capture the slightly swollen lips in his own.
They shared a rather heated kiss, Brian eventually managing to free his hands. He didn’t pull away though. Pushing his tongue deeper into his lover’s warm mouth, he immediately let his hands disappear under the thin pink shirt to explore the familiar hot and sweaty skin. He felt Stefan moan in the kiss and push his crotch to Brian’s. Brian groaned and broke the kiss, gasping for air.
They grinned at each other and only then noticed the few faces staring up at them, some amused, some apparently horny, some licking or biting their lips and some seeming to encourage them to go on.
Brian, as the true little devil he was, grabbed the pole and greatly enjoyed teasing the shit out of the people in the room as well as his own boyfriend. He went on dancing up, down and around the pole for a little while until he noticed Stefan’s lustful eyes upon him, roaming all over his body. He let go of the pole and stepped back in front of him, still dancing, looking up in his eyes as innocently as he could with a satisfied smirk on his lips.
Before Brian could do or say anything, Stefan had grabbed his boyfriend’s neck and pulled him into a violent and hungry kiss. Brian gasped in surprise, both at the intensity of the kiss and at the fact it wasn’t him initiating it. He threw his hands around the tall man’s neck and spread his legs enough to allow Stefan to push one knee between them.
Slowly, languorously, their bodies started moving together, following the beats of the music and they heard people cheer. Brian moaned as Stefan’s lips left his own for his neck and, gasping, he made Stefan notice that he had been right.
“See? *gasp* I told you – mmm fuck, Stef… – told you it’d end up – uuh – like this…”
“You’re right…” Stefan stepped back, grinning at Brian’s dumbfounded expression, “we’d better stop here or I won’t be able to resist the temptation of…” he didn’t finish his sentence, preferring to leave it to his lover’s great imagination.
Indeed, a dirty smirk immediately replaced the pout on Brian’s lips. “You just wait, you horny boy!” he giggled and winked suggestively before taking hold of Stefan’s hips and resuming their dancing.

They had remained on this pole for a good more hour, just dancing together and generally teasing people and enjoying themselves. When things had become a bit too out of control, they had decided it’d be better for them and their reputation to go back down where they’d be hidden by all the other dancers. After all, even in such a club, it would be a bit awkward to find yourself with your boyfriend’s hand down your pants as dozens of eyes were staring at your every move. So Brian had gathered all his will-power to prevent Stefan from opening his trousers and had pulled him down to the dancefloor and dragged him to the toilets… again.
And now they were dancing together to a slow song, Brian’s head resting on Stefan’s chest, his eyes closed, slowly breathing in his lover’s scent as the taller man had his arms tightly wrapped around the small figure pressed against him.
“Mmm,” Brian moaned softly as he rubbed his cheek against the smooth fabric of Stefan’s shirt. He turned his head slightly to press a small kiss on his lover’s skin just above the first closed button before resting his head back where it was a second before.
“Feeling good?” Stefan asked, his hand moving up Brian’s back to disappear in the singer’s hair, stroking it gently.
“Mmhmm…” Brian’s arms tightened around Stefan’s waist and he snuggled closer into him, whispering a “love you.”
Stefan smiled, looking down at his boyfriend dozing off on his chest. He placed a small kiss on his forehead, sending a smile to Brian’s lips. The singer pulled his head up and opened his eyes with difficulty, looking up at Stefan, silently asking for a kiss which the Swede gave him with pleasure.
“You wanna go home?” he asked in a gentle tone when they pulled away.
Brian smiled and nodded, rubbing his eyes and taking his boyfriend’s hand for him to lead him to the exit.

The fresh air outside woke Brian up a little and he attached himself to Stefan’s neck, kissing and biting his soft skin as the bassist called a taxi.
“I thought you were tired?” Stefan held him close, laughing as the small teeth were grazing his skin.
“Mm not anymore…” came the muffled reply. Brian licked the red marks he had just made and let his tongue travel up to his lover’s ear, wrapping his lips around his earlobe, causing Stefan to sigh and bite his own lip. “Plus I have to keep my promise…”
“What promise?”
Brian looked up at him with a kinky smirk. “I promised I’d be your slave all night if we’d come here by taxi and you’d get pissed… we did, you did, so I’ll keep my word,” he ended with a wink.
“You’re not exactly acting like my slave right now…” Stefan raised an eyebrow, a small smile forming on his lips.
“That’s ‘cause you’re not a very good master Steffy…” Brian poked his tongue out and went back to burry his face in his lover’s neck, sucking hard on his already swollen skin.
Stefan slapped his small leather covered arse, causing its owner to squeal in surprise. “You want me to go all dom on you in the middle of the street?” he asked, amused.
“Well…” Brian trailed off, pondering the question. “Could be interesting, don’t you think?”
Stefan just shook his head, laughing.
“What? You’re not up for any more experiences tonight honey?” Brian kept on teasing his lover. “When I say I’ll do everything, I mean… absolutely everything…” he finished, whispering close to Stefan’s ear, flicking his tongue at it.
“I don’t doubt about that for a single second Bri, but you see… our taxi’s here.” Stefan stated, faking to ignore Brian’s advances.
“Aww Steffy you’re so cruel!” Brian half whined half giggled as he followed the Swede towards the car.
“It’s Master for you little one!” Stefan exclaimed, playfully pushing his lover inside the car, his imagination already making up plans for when they’d be home…

About 45 minutes later the taxi pulled over in the dark and quiet alley. Stefan was pulled out of his reverie by the driver announcing him they had arrived and he looked down at Brian who had fallen asleep on his lap. He ran a hand through the soft black locks and gently called his name in order to wake him up.
Brian slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes before they widened in realisation of where they were.
“We’re home already?”
“Uh-huh,” Stefan vaguely answered as he paid the driver and opened the door. “You fell asleep as soon as we got in the outskirts of the city.”
“Aww I’m sorry…” Brian pouted at him, “I’m not a very good slave…”
Stefan gave a small laugh and winked at him. “Don’t worry hun, the night’s not over yet…”
Brian beamed up at him as he stepped out of the car after Stefan, taking his hand, and together they started making their way towards the front door.
They hadn’t taken more than three steps on the gravel when the outside light was turned on and the door pulled open quite sharply. The two men stopped dead in their tracks, looking in surprise at the silhouette of Stefan’s mother in the doorway.
“Mum?” Stefan frowned, wondering why the hell his mother was still up at such an insane hour of the night, or rather morning.
“Thank God you’re finally back!” she exclaimed as she came running to them. “I tried calling you all night but I couldn’t get through to your phone, and you obviously forgot yours here Brian!”
“Mum, calm down!” Stefan put his hands on her shoulders, trying to ease off his mother’s agitation, confused and a bit worried at her behaviour.
“What’s going on?” Brian asked, equally worried by the look on her face.
“Well, it started with your phone ringing Brian. First I let it ring of course, I wouldn’t touch it ‘cause it’s yours you know, I don’t want you to think I-”
“Mum, please…” Stefan interrupted her.
“Yes, sorry, so as I was saying, your phone was ringing, and it wouldn’t stop, for over half an hour, so I thought that since they wouldn’t stop calling, maybe I should answer it…”
Brian nodded, unaware of the fact he was clutching Stefan’s hand more and more tightly as Agneta was talking. “And? Who was it?”
“It was from England, first I didn’t really understand, the woman was speaking so fast and she sounded so agitated…” Another glance from her son reminded her to go for the essential. “Anyway, it was one of your bandmate’s relatives, Steve is his name, right?”
“Steve?!” Brian and Stefan both exclaimed at the same time.
“What happened?!” Brian asked, his voice shaking slightly, expecting the worst.
“She said he had an accident, she didn’t sound very clear, I didn’t understand it all, she didn’t make much sense. All I got was that he had been taken to the hospital.”
“And is he… is he ok?” Stefan asked, his voice hoarse.
“She didn’t tell me.”
“Didn’t you ask?” Stefan exclaimed, staring at his mother in exasperation.
“I told you she didn’t make much sense, now that I think of it, she might have been drunk…”
“Fuck…” Brian muttered to himself and looked at Stefan with big eyes. “What’re we gonna do?”
Stefan didn’t answer, he just searched his pockets for his mobile, eventually taking it out. He looked at the blue screen illuminating the night with its faint light. 23 missed calls. “Shit… must be bad if they wanted to get in touch with us so bad…”
Brian bit his lip at his lover’s comment, feeling a huge knot forming in his guts. “Stef…”
Stefan turned to him at last. He sighed as he saw the look of deep worry on his face and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him close.
“What are we gonna do?” Brian asked once again.
“I guess we’re going home tomorrow, Steve needs us.”
Brian nodded against the tall man’s chest, holding him tight, trying to forget his fear.
“Your father already called the airport.” The two men jumped slightly as Agneta’s voice cut through the silence, having totally forgotten she was there. “He booked you a flight for tomorrow morning, at 10. He’ll be driving you there.”
Brian and Stefan looked at her. Stefan nodded, giving her a small thankful smile whereas Brian threw himself at her, holding her tight.
“Thank you,” he said in a hoarse whisper.
She smiled softly and patted his back before he let go of her. “Now go to bed, you need to get some sleep before you leave.” And with that she turned away and walked back inside the house, soon followed by the two lovers who were still holding hands tightly.

A while later, Brian was pacing their bedroom, unable to stay still. Their belongings had been quickly packed, leaving the two worried men with nothing to busy their minds.
“Brian, stop it, you’re making me dizzy.” Stefan sighed, his head in his hands, softly rubbing his temples.
Brian stopped in the middle of the room and looked at his lover sat on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor. “I’m sorry but I can’t help it…” he murmured and walked to the window, pressing his forehead against the cool glass. He looked at the stars for a while, a heavy silence replacing the sound of his agitated steps.
Lost in his thoughts, Brian didn't notice Stefan getting up and walking over to stand behind him. The bassist gently laid his hands on his boyfriend's tense shoulders, the singer instantly leaning back against his chest, sighing deeply as he closed his eyes. Stefan moved his fingers in a soothing pattern. "I know," he finally replied. "I'm worried too."
Brian turned around and wrapped his arms around Stefan's chest, burying his face into the Swede's chest. It was Stefan's turn to sigh as he let his gaze wander out the window, softly stroking his boyfriend's hair and holding him tight.



Every Sky Is Blue - Day Seven (last)
Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: [info]j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...

They hadn't been able to sleep in the end. They had just spent the night cuddled up on the bed, in complete silence but for the sound of ruffled clothes and sheets as Brian shifted position, the only sign of his nervosity. Morning had eventually arrived, bringing a tiny feeling of relief to the two men, knowing they had gotten this little bit closer to the moment they would be home, and that they would have something to busy their minds until then. They had both been ready long before Agneta had come knocking on their door announcing breakfast was on the kitchen table, and she had to use all of her mother influence to put some food into them. Then had come the difficult moment of saying goodbye. That wasn't the way they had planned to do it. They were supposed to leave after two happy weeks, with a promise of coming back again soon. They didn't have the two weeks, but they got the promise... as soon as things would be better. They'd even come with Steve, Stefan had said, because he was gonna be alright, wasn't he? A huge hug and a kiss from Agneta for both of them later, Fred had pulled them in the direction of the car, and, sat close to each other on the backseat they waved goodbye to Sweden. At the airport, Fred had taken care of the check in, helping as best as he could before finally leaving them as the screens had announced the boarding gate was open. He had made his son promise to call as soon as he'd have some news and with a tap on his son's back and a warm smile to Brian, he had turned on his heels and gone out of the doors. The flight to London had been nerve-racking. Stefan didn't think he'd see the end of it. Not only was he growing impatient, anxious to get to the hospital, but Brian also looked like he was gonna explode at any second. The combination of worry and plane crashing paranoia was just too much for him and Stefan had to force him to take a sleeping pill, assuring him he'd wake him up the very second the plane landed. Brian had eventually complied and a few minutes later had fallen asleep against Stefan's shoulder. After what had seemed like ages, Stefan had finally caught sight of familiar buildings through the clouds. He couldn't help a small relieved smile to creep over his lips. Half an hour later, he was shaking Brian, only half succeeding in waking up the small form cuddled up to him. He had done his best to help him out of the plane, until the singer had finally returned to the land of the living and was able to stand on his own. Leaving Brian behind, Stefan had rushed to the first taxi he could spot, almost throwing his suitcase inside under the outraged glare of an old lady who was about to get in. Embarrassed, he had focused his attention on Brian who was trotting as fast as he could with his huge suitcase behind him, still half asleep and a minute later they were finally on their way to the hospital Steve's relative had mentioned.

The second the taxi stopped in front of the entrance, Brian threw himself out, stumbling onto the pavement before catching his balance and hurrying towards the door. He turned around to see if Stefan was behind him but the Swede was only just stepping out of the taxi after having paid the surprised driver. Brian huffed as the bassist took his time to walk up to where he was standing, nervousity radiating from him as he tapped his foot on the ground.
“Come on, hurry up Stef!!” he grabbed his lover’s arm as soon as it was in reach and dragged him inside and through the waiting room, half running.
“Slow down Bri or you’re gonna...” Stefan stopped suddenly as Brian tripped over some crutch lying at the feet of a patient and fell flat on his face. “... fall...” He sighed and helped the singer up. “Be careful or you’ll end up with a bed of your own here.” Brian pouted up at him. “You ok love?”
Brian nodded. “Yeah, come on, I wanna see Steve.” And with this he started back towards the reception, at a much slower pace, rubbing his slightly sore wrist.

Behind the reception desk was sat a young woman, busy writing on some patient file. Stefan cleared his throat to make her notice their presence. She gave a small start and looked up, her eyes opening wide as she realised who was standing in front of her.
“W-wing C, 3rd floor, room 6819...” she offered tentatively, pointing to her right.
Both men frowned at her.
“Excuse me?” Stefan asked, confused, looking around for someone who she could be talking to. There was no one.
The woman blushed prettily. “You are here to see Mr Steven Hewitt, am I right?”
“Err yes, yes we are...” Stefan replied.
She smiled and nodded. “That’s his room.”
A small stunned and nervous laugh escaped Brian’s lungs and he turned to look up at his lover, taking a deep breath and biting his lip.
“Thank you...” the bassist managed to utter and shook his head. He squeezed Brian’s hand which had slipped into his and they made their way to the elevators.

“Jesus Stef, I think my heart’s gonna jump out of my chest,” Brian laughed, looking more and more anxious as the elevator rose. “I’m so scared of what we’ll find in this room...” He let his head drop against his lover’s shoulder.
“I know, me too honey...” Stefan replied, his voice a little croaked.
They both inhaled sharply as the elevator stopped and the doors opened, revealing a disturbingly empty and endless corridor. The pale yellow walls and the typical smell in the air finished to make them sick. They walked down the corridor, bodies close to each other, hands clasped tightly, looking left and right in the hope of finding room 6819 and put an end to their suffering.
“There!” Brian exclaimed, his free hand grasping Stefan’s arm, squeezing tight.
They stopped in front of the green door, staring at it. The singer turned doe eyes to the bassist. “You open it, I.. I can’t.”
Stefan swallowed hard and lifted his hand, knocking on the door. They waited for an answer, praying to God that it’d come, which would mean Steve wasn’t in a coma or anything.
And it came, eventually. Though... “Come in!” called a woman voice.
Brian and Stefan looked at each other, worry flashing in their eyes. Stefan pushed the door slowly open, revealing the inside of the room.
A nurse was standing in front of Steve’s bed, hiding the upper part of his body from them, making it impossible for them to see what state he was in. That’s when a familiar laughter cut through the air, followed by...
“You know just what I need, don’t you?” Steve’s flirtatious voice directed to the nurse, making her giggle.
Both men standing in the doorway frowned, looking utterly confused as the nurse moved to the end of the bed, revealing a smiling Steve, sitting in his bed, looking just like he always did.
“What the...” Brian muttered to himself. His eyes moved down Steve’s body, taking in the plaster on his left leg. His gaze flashed back to his friend’s face, eyebrows raised questioningly.
“Hey guys!! What the hell are you doing here?!” Steve exclaimed in surprise, his smile growing wider anyway. “I thought you were in Sweden...” Silence. “Don’t stand there like a pair of leeks, come in!”
The only reaction he got was Stefan scratching his head and Brian looking completely lost.
After a few seconds of silence, punctuated by the nurse’s departure, they finally seemed to crash back on earth. Brian moved inside the room, going to stand next to Steve’s bed, his mouth going into action.
“What happened Steve? Are you ok?” He asked urgently, scanning the drummer’s arms for any sign or perfusions... There were none, only a bandage around his right hand.
“Erm yeah... I...”
“We got a phone call last night,” Stefan cut in, “from one of your relatives, saying that you had an accident and you’d been taken to the hospital and that we should come back.”
Steve frowned before a sheepish expression reached his features. “Oops...”
Brian and Stefan stared at their bandmate, starting to wonder what this was all about...
“Well, you see...” Steve started carefully, laughing nervously. “I was with a few of my cousins last night, hadn’t seen them in a while. Anyway, we got really pissed and erm... the light went off.”
The two lovers gave each other a look of disbelief.
“So you fell in the stairs or what?” Stefan asked him, trying to understand what role the light played in Steve being in hospital.
“No no no!” Steve laughed. “Well, I thought it was the electricity but obviously not since the Hi-Fi was still playing music... So erm, Mary, that’s my cousin, she started to freak out and I thought it was just the lightbulb, so I went to change it, took the ladder out and all but err... Well I dunno if you ever tried going up a ladder with about 3 grammes of alcohol in your blood but err it’s not that easy...”
“Are you saying you fell off a bloody ladder while trying to change a fucking lightbulb when you were pissed?” Brian asked for confirmation.
The sheepish look was back on Steve’s face. “Yes.”
“Fucking hell...” the singer sighed, rubbing his eyes.
“My mum told us your cousin Mary, I suppose she’s the one who called, was very upset and made it sound like you were dying or something...” Stefan raised an eyebrow, silently asking for explanation.
“Erm... I suppose I might have exaggerated a bit under the influence of the alcohol...” Steve averted his eyes, feeling a bit embarrassed. He wasn’t going to tell them he had made a huge fuss and yelled as if he was indeed going to die... “So you see, nothing very bad happened... You two shouldn’t have bothered coming back just for my leg, the nurse was being really helpful...” The drummer gave them a knowing smirk.
Brian and Stefan stared at their friend in disbelief. Without a word, they turned back on their heels and walked out of the room, ignoring Steve’s voice calling after them in a half sheepish half amused voice.
“Guys? Guys! Come on, come back! Guys!!”
As they walked back down the corridor to the elevators, Brian turned to look at his lover. “How long do you think it would take us to go back to Sweden?”

The end. 

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